Think This Duke Nukem Forever Pre-Order Is Still Valid?

Made on August 31, 2008 for the PC version of Duke Nukem Forever. As seen by reader reader //Mupp.


    Well, the store should have given him his money back if they didn't refund his money when the game was declared dead, then he shouldn't be shopping there any more.

      I work games retail and you do get customers that have a "ehh just leave it in the system just in case" mentality just like the many people that preorderd diablo 3 and SC2 when they were first announced years ago. Sure Duke was a long shot but if there is some sort of stock shortage on release at least this fellow knows he'll get his copy first so his gamble paid off I guess??

        Aaah, fair enough.

    I was expecting something from the late 90's or 2000 :(

    I'm pretty sure that receipt says august 10th 2001

      it does.

    He's legally entitled to it. They asked for the money as a deposit, he has the evidence of the purchase, therefore by law he's still entitled as a transactions been made.

    Slash is well known on the Penny-Arcade forums, he showed this docket way back in 2003 when he joined, since then he has actually gone and made his own game. The irony is there.

    He's also a really nice guy, I hope Randy Pitchford gives him something nice for his legendary patience.

    Someone seriously kept their preorder for this game, especially after 3D Realms imploded on itself.

    I'll bet they'll accept it... it's good for PR if nothing else.

    He's still around, he just took a picture ->

    Make a bet.

      That is DEDICATION.

      3D Realms owes him at least the first copy!
      (Via Gearbox.)

    If they just changed the title in all those years.. goodbye preorder.

      It does not matter if they change the name. The only important thing is the SKU. And considering they probably use the same POS system now as they did back then (if the Aussie family of GameStop is anything to go by) then its still in the computer

    Uh...the reciept says OCTOBER TENTH 2001 15:50 (3:30pm).

      Game stop is switch the dates around, its August.

      Hahaha, 15:50 doesn't translate to 3:30.

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