This Grade School Has An Unfortunate Adult Game Connection

Japan's Yamagata Prefecture is Japan's biggest cherry producer. So naming a new learning institution "Sakuranbo Shougakkou" ("Cherry Elementary School") after the area's produce would make sense. That is until you check the internet.

There is a doujin adult game brand by the same name. Put the school's name さくらんぼ小学校 in Google, and there are links to questionable illustrations of underage children right up there at the top.

The official name of the school is Higashine Municipal Cherry Elementary School, or "Higashine Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou" - a little too close for comfort for some as the adult game brand is "Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou" (note: the brand uses different kanji characters for "shiritsu").

The name was selected last year, and the school was unaware of the connection. The school did check to see if other schools carried the cherry name, but did not look online to see what results the moniker turned up.

The existence of the website, which not only features illustrations of minors but also carries adult games, was not known until the city received an anonymous email alerting the authorities of its existence.

Parents have since expressed concern upon hearing of the connection. The city's mayor has said that the school's name will not be changed. "If we change the name," the mayor said, "that will justify this adult world all the more."

Sakuranbo Shougakkou will be open at the start of the Japanese school year.

さくらんぼ小学校、アダルトサイトに同じ名が (読売新聞) [Yahoo!ニュース via 痛いニュース][Pic]


    I'm kind of lazy, so i would have just changed the name, its just easier.

    Just waiting for when the kids start looking up the name of their school and finding out about a whole new type of cartoon...

    How difficult is it for them to understand the adult world is there whether they like it or not, has been there longer than their school, and is going to affect their school's reputation and students? :/

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