This Is Minecraft

Minecraft, the PC scene's flavour of the month, may be a complete unknown to many of you, what with it being the product of one man and not a multimillion dollar marketing machine. This epic trailer may help explain things.

[via 4CR]


    Pretty epic...

    He seemed quite ecstatic to be featured on Australian TV as well. (Good Game)

    It's absolutely stupifying that people are only just now finding out about Minecraft. Have you all been living under a rock for the past year?

      I've been living at work.

      i've been living

    I'd never heard of it until Good Game last night, and I subscribe to multiple gaming blogs, like Kotaku, and am a pretty active gamer. So it'll be safe to say I'm not the only one.

      Kotaku have already run several articles on it this year...

    That's a fantastic trailer for a truly underrated game.

    funny minecraft vid:

    I've definitely heard of minecraft but didn't pay much attention till this trailer. Looks really interesting. The way the graphics is done, while obviously looking quite retro in one respect, actually seems to add realism from another perspective.

    i have never heard of this game before. it looks like the ps3 game 3d dot hero.

    I daresay this trailer, in the fashion of practically every other trailer, vastly exaggerates things.

    Now, if only someone would make one for Dwarf Fortress - just to see the general reaction from the people who decide to try the game afterwards.

      The trailer exaggerates _nothing_. All up, Minecraft feels like a first-person, solo-dwarf version of Dwarf Fortress (without as cumbersome an UI) :)

    I've been addicted to Minecraft for the last 2 weeks.

    the game is for people with to much time on there hands like me also i made a big mudkip one time
    the game is really good because it is simple no fancy stuff but really good

    I'd heard of Minecraft towards the start of this year, but until I saw the Good Game trailer I didn't know about a number of the features. Now I can't wait till I get some free time so I can buy and play this game to death without getting distracted from all the work I have. I don't doubt that if I had it now I wouldn't do any work for a month.

    We've just launched an Australian GU server for anyone keen. Just punch in "" as your IP.

    wow, i never knew this existed, how long has this been out cause i really want to play it

    I have tried this and enjoyed it very much, but it crashes my PC for some reason. Also, is there somewhere that has directions on how to use your "Crafting" section?

    how to i get mincraft

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