This Is Not Hideo Kojima's Lunch

Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid, has a verified Twitter account. He uses it to post pictures of his lunch. Boring, dull stuff. But today, he spiced things up by posting a picture of a girl in her underwear.

Kojima writes that it is raining, and he is having lunch in Tokyo Midtown.

To Kojima's credit, he claims he did not post the image of the girl on purpose and that he actually has no idea how the image appeared in his Yfrog image tweet. Perhaps it snuck into that tweet, all stealth-like.

The game designer did another image tweet with the intended image (lunch), instead of the previous lunch image (underwear lady).

Kojima later tweeted that he didn't think he was going to use Yfrog anymore. So you can look forward to the daily pictures of what Hideo Kojima is eating and not photos of barely clothed women. Sorry!

小島監督のツイッターIDから下着姿のセクシー美女画像が投稿され話題に [はちま起稿]


    Wow! That looks delicious!


    I'll have what he is having. You can put the other stuff in a doggy bag for later.

    what a great lunch his having there :P

    I love eating out.

      This is real funny. I assume you thought so as well because you started typing your punchline for your name lol...

    "Underwear Lady" = Marissa Miller (Victoria's Secret/Swimsuit Illustrated Model)


    I love you Hideo

    So he uploaded his porn instead of his food... Nice.

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