This Is The Official Final Fantasy XIV PC Controller

While Final Fantasy XIV works splendidly with a wired Microsoft controller, it does not exactly scream "Final Fantasy". One can hear this official Final Fantasy XIV controller from Sunflex screaming from a mile away.

First unveiled at GamesCom last month the official Final Fantasy XIV controller has more of a PlayStation aesthetic to it. It combines the technical quality of ZeroG's officially licensed PlayStation 2 controller with the range of the PlayStation 3 controllers from Sunflex's snakebyte brand into one logo-emblazoned piece of game controlling technology.

It is startlingly white. I would not recommend eating Cheetohs while playing. I might suggest wearing gloves.

The official Final Fantasy XIV PC controller is the first product to arise from a licensing agreement between Sunflex and Square Enix.

The controller itself should be available when the game launches on September 30. There is no word on price, but I'm sure there will be one.


    Wait...why would you choose to play an MMO using a controller? Wouldn't keyboard + mouse be a much better and more efficient combo? More bindings, and easier movement? Or is FFXIV really just a console directed MMO on the pc?

      I wonder that myself...admittedly I've never played FFXI or seen FFXIV in action before though so I wouldn't know but surely an MMORPG would be hard to play on a controller? Unless of course the game was dumbed down to a point where it could be played easily with a controller.

      I've played the beta and it's pretty much a mmo'd version of a final fantasy game. Meaning there is one button to access the "menu" from where you can access everything. There are also very little hotkeys, meaning no direct access to even basic stuff like the journal, inventory or what you have equipped. The net result is that it feels very consolfied and clunky.

    This is just as bad as the PS3 boomerang concept.

      And an analogue button? I haven't seen that since the PS1...

    I cannot stand the PS3 controller, the only one that came close to feeling comfortable to me is the original PS "dual analogue" controller that was released just before the first dual shock and it had really fat handle parts.

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