This Is What A Zombie Driving Game Looks Like

Blood Drive, Activision's quick to market roadkill driving game, was officially unveiled earlier this month for release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this November. How does it look? Still like Carmageddon and Twisted Metal, now with zombie strippers.

Like Dead Rising 2, Blood Drive is set in a Las Vegas-like city overrun by zombies in which enterprising individuals turn apocalypse into opportunity. The debut Blood Drive trailer introduces us to the cast of Activision's under-hyped and ultra-violent racing game while shouting at us at top volume. Something tells me this won't be Activision's biggest release in November.


    I might be keen if there was some sort of customisation, with both characters and cars. The set-list just looks lame, and without the customisation and the potential to unlock cars and parts etc, I don't see the longevity of gameplay lasting.

    A very cool concept, though. Like Michael said, it's like Carmageddon and Twisted Metal mixed with Dead Rising.

    Looks cheesy as hell but since there hasn't been a Carmageddon game for a while this will fit quite nicely :)

    The more car combat games the better.

    Over the top 'immature' purely for fun games like this have been missing from this generation in my opinion. It better have split screen!

    I can see some Borderlands influences in there too, perhaps Bazillions even.

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