This Part Of Final Fantasy XIV Seems Familiar

There has been chatter that Final Fantasy XIV features terrain that has been copied and pasted throughout in-game maps. But does it?

Have a look a these Final Fantasy XIV maps. Each select that is repeated is marked with a corresponding circle, square, whatever and see what parts of FFXIV appear to be copied and pasted.

【続】FF14の地形コピペが洒落にならない件 もはやパズル [はちま起稿]


    It's an RPG-MMO did people expect uniqueness? Haha fat chance.

    While those are just maps, and we can't see directly what the terrain looks like, I'm quite surprised.

    Terrain cloning usually pops up in any game nowadays, be it a single player only game, or an MMO, but never to this extent. If the maps are to be believed then that's appalling.

    Particularly in an MMO where exploration and running around like a headless chicken are commonplace, having terrain that is indistinguishable from that of the terrain over the hill sounds like a significant flaw.

    I would of expected MUCH better from that mob.

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