This T-Shirt Is Making Me, Among Other Things, Hungry

This is what happens when Paul Robertson, of Scott Pilgrim and Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight fame, sits down and designs something with Meat Bun, of rad gaming t-shirts game.

The collaborative shirt is called "Snack Attack" and features an "immoderate indulgence of tasty Japanese treats", meat buns and some familiar video game ladies who in all the excitement seem to have misplaced their clothes.

It's one of two new offerings on Meat Bun's store, the other for all the Gauntlet fans out there who know that while wearing "The Wizard", their shots do not hurt other players... yet.

You can grab both shirts from Meat Bun's store.

[Meat Bun Store]


    Poison seems to be anatomically incorrect.

    On another note, might be worth tagging this as NSFW?

      American canon has her penned as a female, so it IS technically accurate to one version of the Street Fighter canon.

        Well, she's female by a particular definition. In American canon, she's a post-op transexual. In Japanese canon, she's still male, and happens to tuck a particular appendage back. *shudder*

    It's a cool shirt, but unfortunately i'm not cool enough to walk around town with naked ladies on my shirt :(. If they had bikini's or whatever on i'd probably buy it

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