To BioShock Infinite, And Beyond!

BioShock Infinite looked pretty great from what we saw in its cinematic trailer. Now let's now see how the actual game engine shapes up.

It's bloomy! And also delightfully colourful, the dank, depressing depths of Rapture giving way to something so cheery Nintendo would be proud to race little karts around it.

Here are two screens; for the third, head over to Game Informer.

Exclusive BioShock Infinite Screens [Game Informer]


    Human characters still look pretty ugly and "unreal" like (ie. a lot of normal maps). Do not like :(

      Well, in Bioshock at least, this was intended. Most people are disfigured, and those that aren't are still supposed to look 'ugly'

    missing the "horror" aspect of these games already

    someone should tell the lady in the burning shop that her business is on fire, and that sweeping is not an accepted form of fire fighting.

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