Tokyo Game Show 2010 Agenda

Kotaku has landed in Tokyo to tackle the annual Tokyo Game Show, an event that promises to be full of game announcements, top notch cosplay and maybe an awkward dinner or two with Japanese video game developers. What should we expect?

On Wednesday, Electronic Arts holds its pre-TGS showcase, where we expect to learn more about Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam and that long-in-the-making EA Partners project with No More Heroes developer Grasshopper Manufacture. Maybe we'll find out what happened to EA's Zelda-like, Tsumuji, announced at last year's version of the event.

Also on Wednesday, expect new game announcements from Capcom. We wouldn't be surprised to see a new Devil May Cry game make an appearance, but we hear that's not the only thing the Mega Man and Street Fighter publisher has planned for its pre-TGS event.

Tokyo Game Show kicks off proper on Thursday at 9 am (Japan Time), when Microsoft—yes, Microsoft—holds its show-opening keynote. Previous TGS keynotes from Sony have been both tedious and announcement-packed, so don't miss it.

Later on Thursday, we'll see what Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has to reveal. Sony's press conference begins at 1pm. Sony keeps the presentations coming later in the day with new demos from Team ICO and Polyphony Digital. Hopefully, that means fresh info on The Last Guardian, the rumoured Ico/Shadow of the Colossus compilation and something new from Gran Turismo 5.

We'll be hitting the show floor all day Thursday to bring new hands-on impressions, then cruising Cosplay Alley all weekend for an exhaustively shot gallery of Tokyo's best cosplay.

Make sure to stick around beyond the press conferences. We suspect that new game announcements will continue into the weekend.


    nintendo not participating?

    What about BF3? EA sure is milking the BF brandname until they bring out a proper Battlefield game on the PC with games like: heroe's (what a joke that is) and 1943 and the bad company series seems to keep on rolling along and I don't know why, I've tried most of the console versions and they just seem "mickey mouse" compared to BF2 a five year old game.

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