Tour The Idyllic Islands Of Wakfu

New screens and a new trailer have popped up for Islands of Wakfu, Ankama Play's first console title for Xbox Live Arcade that ties directly into its massively multiplayer titles Wakfu and Dofus.

Islands of Wakfu, first revealed back in 2008, is the console tie-in to Ankama's MMO titles for the PC, which themselves are part of a large transmedia project that encompasses animated television show and merchandising. Described as a hybrid beat-em up, shoot-em up, adventure game, Islands of Wakfu ties directly into the two popular MMO titles by unlocking items and quests in those games based on the Xbox achievements you unlock.

Sounds like an interesting project, and like all Ankama tiles, it definitely has a certain visual flair. Let's just hope it sees the light of day sometime soonish.


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