Trash Talk Backed With Slick Moves Of NBA 2K11

Hoops is the smack-talkingest of major team sports, so it follows that the marketing of its video games would also involve some good-natured lip. But also pay attention to the new post animations 2K Sports has added into NBA 2K11.

Better yet, just run go get the demo and see for yourself. It went up earlier this week. And if you're curious about all the moves available to you in the game's Isomotion skill set, see this handy sheet of commands that Operation Sports uploaded today.

One last note, 2K Sports jokingly threatened, via Facebook, to send this "I Got Schooled By Derrick Rose" t-shirt to Turkey, whom the US defeated last weekend in the final of the FIBA World Championships. Rose has found a more worthy recipient, Golden State's David Lee, which is probably good. Don't want to cause any international incidents.

NBA 2K11 is out on October 5.


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