Triple Miyamoto

A pair of artists recently drew and painted Donkey Kong daddy and Mario maker Shigeru Miyamoto. Why did the chocolates turn into creepy Kirby? Why did they make Miyamoto creepy?

Click the triptych to enlarge.

The photo on the left was included in a 2004 interview between Miyamoto and Next Level games, during the pre-Wii era when the DS was about to revive Nintendo.

In early September, artist John Cullen turned that photo into the middle sketch here.

Yesterday, artist Ty Dunitz transformed that sketch into the painting on the right of the triptych. He explains why the work looks warped:

Honestly, I don't think I made Kirby sweat enough, but whatever. This is already the stuff of nightmares. Oh, and the kanji character is sugoi, which means ‘uncanny', ‘weird', and ‘threatening'. If you don't like it, blame John.

I've met Miyamoto many times. He was never threatening, never had a creepy Kirby in a box. Maybe he was just hiding it.

Hello, 'Moto [Glitch Ritual Blog - Thanks John!]


    I honestly love it.

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