Turn An Ivy League Student Union Into Donkey Kong's First Level

Lerner Hall is Columbia University's student centre, opening in 1999. Its ramped interior, visible through the glass facade, also resembles the girder level of Donkey Kong. You see where this is headed.

Some students want to re-enact, in live action, Donkey Kong in this building. They reckon they need $US1000 to cover the costs of materials ($US500 in plastic barrels, $US170 for a Donkey Kong costume, plus whatever for bail and lawyer's fees), and they're soliciting donations on KickStarter.com under "Project Miyamoto". A hundred bucks gets your advertisement on the barrels to be rolled; $US60 gets a sponsor mention at the beginning of a video of this exploit, $US40 gets you in the credits. Larger donations get more exposure, of course.

"If we pull this off, it will be the most epic prank in the history of the school," the organisers said. Columbia's the fifth oldest university in the United States. That's a long history of pranks. They're taking donations through to October 2.

It should be noted that Lerner faces journalism to the north, where Stephen Totilo and I earned our masters degrees in 1999 and 2000, respectively. For this reason, I have donated $US40 to the cause, and I challenge Stephen to match or exceed that gift.

Project Miyamoto [Kickstarter.com]


    That's awesome :)

    Hope they take that suggestion in the comments to get plastic barrels from a car wash - they'll save a fortune.

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