Two New Warriors Join The War For Cybertron

The second pack of downloadable content for Transformers: War for Cybertron drops today with five new multiplayer maps and the addition of two new playable Cybertronian warriors: Zeta Prime and Dead End.

While we had plenty of warning for the first downloadable content pack for Transformers: War for Cybertron, Activision springs the second pack on us by surprise.

This second pack of downloadable content lowers the new character count from four to two but gives us five brand new maps, including two new escalation maps: Pulse for the Autobots and Static for the Decepticons. Pulse sees players taking on increasingly powerful waves of enemies while travelling through the innards of Decepticon giant Trypticon, while Static gives the cunning villains a chance to lure Autobots to their doom in a multi-level series of rooms riddled with environmental traps.

The other three maps are good for standard multiplayer battles and include the picturesque Horizon, the vehicle-friendly Sector and a ruined high-rise map called Metropolis.

The pack also gives players access to former Autobot leader Zeta Prime and the Stunticon Dead End in multiplayer.

Transformers: War for Cybertron DLC pack two will be available today on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network for 800 Microsoft points or $US9.99.


    Here's hoping this means another double xp multiplayer weekend to celebrate!

    lol oh wow, more $10 DLC from activision, i dont even know if its worth comenting

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