Two-Tone, Blossom Pink PlayStation Portables Coming To Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment of Japan is releasing three special edition PlayStation Portable bundles in Japan in November that feature pink and two-tone body designs.

The two-tone PlayStation Portables will come in black and red and white and blue and includes a 2GB Memory Stick Pro, a pouch, charger, battery pack and will sell for ¥17,800 ($222). The Blossom Pink PSP will include a charger and battery pack and sell for ¥16,800 ($210).

All three new PSP colours hit Japan on November 18.

Sony is also releasing a Pink Blossom Pouch on November 18 for ¥1800 ($22).


    I really want that red and black one.

    I'm thinking of getting a PSP and those colours look great! Too bad they're probably Japan-only. Is the PSP region-locked?

    Do they have the improved thumb thing from the new monster hunter one?

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