Unboxing The Fancy Edition Of Final Fantasy XIV

Today is the official launch day for Final Fantasy XIV Collector's Edition purchasers, and since we technically count in that group, we're giving folks who opted to purchase the normal edition a glimpse of what they're missing.

Of course, the main draw of the Collector's Edition is the one week head start on everyone else, which I'll also be taking advantage of as I begin my four week journey through the world of Eorzea leading up to our final review of the game. Check back every week for new gameplay logs so you can see how much FFXIV I've played in order to come to the conclusions I eventually come to.

Until then, here's some expert box opening.


    I played the beta a little. I've gotta say i loved the character work, the creation process was nice and they looked awesome.

    But once i got in-game i was pretty disappointed. I didn't like the textures and layouts of the environments and I didn't like the UI either.. it felt clunky and unintuitive.

    Hope you have a better experience than i did!

      Clunky and unintuitive is a severe understatement. The interface of this game is horrible. You'd think that since a large portion of the game is based around being able to class-change by just changing weapon, that there would be some sort of "gear" system... Nope... You have to manually bind micros "/equip main Some Sword That I Hope I've Spelled Right".

      Don't get me started on the software mouse (thank god some clever people made a patch for this...).

      Unless they were really holding back on the people playing beta, and the full release actually has thousands of improvements over the beta; I'd be surprised if this game was anything but a disaster.

      Prove me wrong FFXIV, and I'll join you in 6 months.

    I'm surprised it already came out. It seemed only yesterday they released the first trailers for it, it must have had a very short Beta phase. I remembered how bloody long it took for WoW to come out and how much hype snowballed (hell, every expansion)

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