Uncharted 2 Gets A Well-Deserved Game Of The Year Edition

We can think of no better recipient of a Game of the Year Edition than Kotaku's 2009 Game of the Year Uncharted 2. What will $US50 net fans come October 12?

The Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition hits retailers on October 12. Celebrating the myriad awards given Naughty Dog's masterpiece including our own, the package includes the game plus a voucher good towards a ton of downloadable content.

How much downloadable content is a ton? How about:

  • PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack
  • UNCHARTED: Drake's Fortune Multiplayer Pack
  • UNCHARTED 2 Siege Expansion Pack
  • Currency Multiplier which grants Double XP up to level 10 in Multiplayer
  • Golden Guns option for the AK-47 and the 92FS 9mm pistol for use in Multiplayer
  • Early access to "Revenge" Booster – you still have to purchase it with in-game cash!
  • UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra – Motion Comic Bundle (which includes Episodes 1-4)
  • UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra – Rika Raja and Daniel Pinkerton Character Skins
  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves – Avatar Pack 1
  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves – Avatar Pack 2
  • UNCHARTED Avatar Pack 3
  • UNCHARTED Avatar Pack 4
  • Pinball Heroes – UNCHARTED for the PSP

I'd have to get a scale, but I'd say that qualifies.

An extraordinary value for an equally extraordinary game. If you own a PlayStation 3 and haven't played Uncharted 2 yet, there is something seriously wrong with you.

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition coming October 12th [PlayStation Blog]


    Hmmm. I still have the vanilla version sealed on my shelf. I'll get around to it eventually.

    So, really only 5 of the items are worth getting it for (the in game items that actually effect the game - and only MP at that). All the rest of it is PSN crap...

    Will most likely stick with the original i already have but most likely good value for those that haven't picked it up yet.

    I need this game, and I can wait till October.

    That box can't take many more "Game of the year"/$35 value!/"Best game of all time" things before we can't see the background image.

    Good value but that's some really horrid box art. The "Over $35 of included value!" sticker just cheapens it overall.

    I got Uncharted 2 and HAWX as a bundle with my PS3, I played the heck outta Uncharted 2.. Talking about it actually makes me want to go and play it now :-).

    I agree with Steve0410, that orange on the box art is absolutely awful.

    Why only include voucher to download DLC? Why not inclde DLC on disc?

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