Uncharted Voice Actor Doing Some New Uncharted Work Today

Why is Emily Rose, voice actor for Uncharted and Uncharted 2's Elena Fisher, in Los Angeles today? She tweets that she is "filming my first Night show today 4 #HAVEN then work on #UNCHARTED!"

She's not saying what Uncharted work she's doing. Voice acting for an Uncharted 3? Could be. Then again, she could be voice acting for an Uncharted kart racer, an Uncharted PSP game, an Uncharted edition of the PlayStation 3 that belches Uncharted sound samples when you press its buttons, or who knows what else.

The tweet was posted on what appears to be Emily Rose's real Twitter account.

We've asked Sony to shed light on this mystery Uncharted project and will let you know if they feel like sharing.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


    I really hope she is talking about uncharted 3.

    Is it wrong that I find her video game persona better looking than her real-life one?

    Wouldn't that be a breach of her NDA?

    Wasn't there an uncharted movie in the works?

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