Uncharted Voice Actor's Mysterious Project Is Uncharted DLC

We've heard back from Sony about today's report of some mysterious new Uncharted voice-acting work. Emily Rose, voice of Elana Fisher, is in Los Angeles recording voice work for downloadable content with Uncharted 2 development studio Naughty Dog.


    NOOOOOOOOO! I wanted Uncharted 3 news dammit!

    Not really. I think it's great they're still supporting Uncharted 2 a year on. Or maybe it's another motion comic? I would love to see another one of those.

      Oooooh yeah! I wonder when this is going to hit, with the up and coming onslaught of games ahead they will have to be careful when they drop it so it doesn't get overshadowed by other games.

      It is good that they are keeping this game alive. Hopefully some more story mode stuff and not multiplayer. I found the multiplayer not the most fun... story mode however blew me away.

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