US Education Secretary Not A Fan Of Xbox - Or Any Console

In a recent interview with the New York Times, the US Secretary of Education touted his own TV-less upbringing before unloading the chicken-dinner applause line that he's "not a fan" and "absolutely" wouldn't get his kids an "Xbox".

Arne Duncan said this despite answering that "every student needs access to technology", when asked if they need a computer. "I think technology can be a hugely important vehicle to help level the playing field."

Duncan, a father of boys aged six and eight, was asked what he'd do if they asked him "to buy them an Xbox."

"Not a fan. No, absolutely not," he replied.

Though Duncan and his equally uninformed questioner clearly meant "games console", and not specifically an Xbox or Xbox 360, I think it's legitimate to ponder his response had the reporter asked him if his kids wanted a Wii.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Says He Won't Buy His Kids an Xbox [Seattle Weekly, via Game Politics]


    So his kids, as the only ones without a console, will be the unpopular social outcasts at school?

    Much like I'm sure Arne Duncan probably was as the only kid in school without a TV.

      Although I don't agree about stopping the kids playing games consoles, what would you rather? That your kids fit in at school, or that they grow up with a healthy development of skills? Your logic seems ignorant. As a parent I can see his logic even if I disagree with his conclusion.

        And I find the logic exceedingly strange that it's somehow a "one or the other" decision between fitting in at school and growing up with a "healthy development of skills".

        There are plenty of us who grew up with videogames and are now healthy, well adjusted, productive members of adult society.

          And going through school as a social outcast is also so very conductive to a healthy development for a child.

        Not to mention that playing games actually helps in the development of hand/eye co-ordination and problem solving.
        Playing games is a healthy act, it's up to the parent to decide on how much time should be allocated.

        Duncan is just too old fashioned.

    What about a PS3?

      Arne Duncan is obviously a fanboy.

    whats your problem?? of course the education guy is not going to like consoles! are you going to try and argue that they are anything but detrimental to education? certainly, when it comes to education, any possible benefits are going to be overshadowed by the negatives.

    also, its not crazy to think that people are more likely to understand the term 'Xbox' than the term 'games console'. Xbox, because it is more prevalent than the PS3, and the Wii is considered more casual, less of a 'threat', also, the Xbox is 'home grown' in America, where PS3 and Wii are just random international outsiders.

    Because that's the hallmark of a good education secretary, someone raised by luddite parents who were too lazy to even finish wriiting his name on the birth certificate.

    Unless he's just a major Sony fanboi.

    In saying that, would he deny them TV as well?

    Let's all be a family of yesteryear that sat around the wireless in the evening.

    He didn't have TV growing up. Okay, so why does he support students having access to computers if he feels technology is detrimental? Kids used to play games like chess and card games to help encourage their mind. These days, we have computer games and gaming consoles. They do amazing things for manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills, not to mention stress relief and pure entertainment value. But no, he only sees the supposed negative side of gaming.

    And this is who is responsible for educating American children. That explains sooooo much

    I think what Duncan is getting at is that consoles and TV are extremly distracting and lead in many cases lead to a decline in educational performance.
    This being said though, it should be the parents responsibility to overwatch their childrens habits whilst at school.

    Its been pointed ou the positive side of gaming which are all valid but in the long run the skills games teach you can only take you so far. Starcraft 2 may teach you to 'think outside of the box' but it aint getting you a job as the a coorprate manager.

    bummer for them

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