Valkyria Chronicles 3 Is Coming To The PSP

Sega will officially lift the lid off its third Valkyria Chronicles game later this week. Anyone out there hoping for the series to return to the PlayStation 3, you better start hoping for a Valkyria Chronicles 4.

The latest issue of Famitsu confirms that Valkyria Chronicles 3 is, like it or not, coming to the PSP. Visually, it appears to match the art style of the original Valkyria Chronicles for the PlayStation 3 than the second entry. The tactical role-playing game will be present at Tokyo Game Show later this week.


    As much as i know that ps3 owners will be gutted by this, i am so excited- i got 2 the other week and its one of the most addictive games ive ever played
    Now to find out how to use armored knights correctly....

      I loved VC1 and loving VC2 atm. The only thing I dislike/think can be improved is the system of awarding grades. So far grading is based on the number of turns you beat the map in. The bonuses for killing enemies, capturing etc are not as relevant. Basically to get good grades, blitz is the only possible tactic.

      I'd much prefer if the grading is also based on the tasks completed and accomplishments. I'd much prefer spending more turns to deploy troops and user their abilities to the potential rather than rushing to finish the battle.

        Yeah, this is a gripe I have with the 'strategy' aspect of the series. You still have to play smart, since interception fire can take you down if you're not careful, but it mainly involves just crashing down one path to your objective.
        Something like Advance Wars' grading system would totally work; Speed, Power and Technique. I should be rewarded for killing all of the enemies (when it isn't a mission objective) and also for not taking any losses (I was actually KOed three of my Lancers running towards a Tank Ace once =S).

        As for Armoured Techs William, they (and their Veteran/Elite counterparts) mostly lose their effectiveness early one once you stop being able to OHKO crouching shocktroopers (and Mines do minor damage to Tanks are usually easy to avoid with infantry, or you can just set them off with Lancers; the explosion propels them forward, giving them some extra movement, too). The real treat is once you get them to Fencers. Limited AP, but great anti-infantry ability (they can also take out V2s with one hit), and crouching at a base practically makes them invincible, with their massive defense. I've had Alexis flamethrowered, headshot sniped and attacked by a V2 in one turn whilst crouching behind sandbags and she was still above 50% health.

    As awesome as VCII is atm - I'm still massively disappointed that III isn't coming back to PS3.

    That really really sucks. I just assumed it would be on the PS3, with VC2 being a side project in a way.


    Time to get a PSP, me thinks.

    Ah man, guess that'll be another installment I miss out on. This blows.

    damn it!!! Come on SEGA give us another PS3 edition....

    I knew it :( Its not like I hate VCII, I'd just rather play a full blown version ps3 version on my couch in front my hd tv.

    Damn so this will be the second Valkyria Chronicles game that i'm gonna miss out on because they decided to not chuck it on the PS3. Not happy!!!

    I guess all I can hope for now is they do a remake of 2 and 3 then bundle them together for the PS3 edition. Am I wishing for too much? lol

    Sega, you bastards. VC2 is good, but it would have been better on the PS3.
    I want a game where snipers aren't made nigh-useless by the tiny split-up maps.

    Damnit. I'm going to get a PSP now, but i hope that by supporting VC on PSP, i'm not dooming it to stay there forever.

    I do hope they have another team working on VC4 for PS3 since they did mention the PS3 cycle was much longer. I'm glad there is another VC though so it's all good.

    From the scans in Famitsu:

    The top header on the left most column says series from now on will be on the PSP unless 'ingenious innovation' convinces them otherwise. Also says under current 'conditions', PSP is the 'best' medium for this series.

    Ah dang

      that two handled large 'gun blade' looks real cool...

    Japanese game developers are wondering why it is that they are lagging behind Western developers..... well I know i'm loosely relating the reason to this article but it would help if they released games on an HD-Console to begin with!!!

      I mean does Valkyria Chronicles really sell more units on the PSP than it would on the PS3?

    We had some good times together VC. Sure I could tolerate your pathetic handheld schoolyard crap because I remembered the good times back on the PS3. But we're through and I'm moving on.

    Best wishes for the future.

    More info on it.
    I'm split. On one hand, being a special forces unit so the characters will likely be older than in VC2 and some of the new features sound interesting. I think they'll probably also be undercover in Imperial-land, which would explain the red clothing (over Gallia's blue). They're also going back to a storytelling style closer to VC1's.

    On the other hand it's a squad of criminals (something that always annoys me) and it's on the PSP. Plus the super mode thing sounds like it'll make the main characters even more overpowered.

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