Valkyria Chronicles 3: The Tokyo Game Show Trailer

Let's all try and get over the fact Valkyria Chronicles 3 is on the PSP, with a snappy animated trailer for the game.

Sure, there's not a single second of gameplay footage to be had, but that would just remind us all this is not on the system most fans would have preferred, so as far as Sega is concerned it's probably for the best!


    Jesus Testicle Hell! What was with those huge ass swords? Have I been out of the anime/JRPG genre for that long that giant FF7 swords not to mention the accompanying Super Saiyan-style transformations are now stock-standard for even World War 2 based games?

      *Sucks hard on end of biro*
      I've seen bigger Lad. Size is everything out here.

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