Valkyria Chronicles 3 To Be Shown Thursday

You knew it was coming, what with that not-so-subtle teaser website put up by Sega last week, but the publisher has gone one better over the weekend, seemingly (and accidentally) revealing that Valkyria Chronicles 3 will be shown at TGS.

Sega published its four-day schedule for the 2010 Tokyo Game Show recently, and on Thursday the 16th at 2pm was planning on showing something special. Something unannounced.

Thing is, when you changed the .gif of the schedule to a .jpg, you got a different image, one with the company's "secret" game revealed. And that game is Valkyria Chronicles 3.

The apparent loophole has since been closed, but the internet, it never forgets.

So, Thursday it is! Can't wait.

セガ、TGSタイムスケジュールから『戦場のヴァルキュリア3』は発表予定であることが判明! [オレ的ゲーム情報]


    Hopefully it's a PS3 sequel. I just don't feel a handheld does that beautiful looking game justice.


    I liked Valkyria Chronicles, I just hope number 3 is easier to find. When I heard the name Valkyria Chronicles I thought it was some lame Movie Tie in with that Tom Cruise movie that came out about the same time. Then people kept telling me to buy it but it took three months to find a copy. I would buy number two but I don't own a PSP.

    I crossing my figures for multiplatform- i love the psp version and i have no ps3 :(

    Nice, nice. Expected, but nice nonetheless! And yeah, I second the notion of PS3, but I also feel quietly confident in that being the case as well

    please let it be PS3!!!!

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