Vanquish Gets Armoured Up In The UK Special Edition

Sam Gideon comes alive in this exclusive special edition of Sega's Vanquish, featuring a lovely window box and one extremely sexy 7-inch figure. It's time to make some friends in the UK.

Vanquish's distinctive visual flair has been catching the eyes of gamers everywhere since Sega first drew back the curtain on the sci-fi shooter, so the chance to get their hands on this gorgeous little figure should be more than enough to convince fans in the UK and France to drop some extra money on the limited edition of the game.

The UK version of the special edition is exclusive to online retailer Zavvi, and will run players a cool £54.95 ($90). We're still waiting for word on the French version to show up.

Vanquish Limited Edition Hitting UK & France [Sega]


    Can someone remind me to ask Junglist if this version is hitting AU in "Ask Me Stuff" today?

    So would love to pick this one up locally and not worry about the larger item shipping from the UK.

    I'm excited for Vanquish and I would like to get this special edition if it comes out here. Another figure for the shelf.

    Knowing very well that if this LE was to ever come here officially, there's no way it'd be selling for under AU$100 rrp. Importing from Zavvi is only 2.49 pounds no matter the size if permitted to deliver to Australia. And in this case they do. I've already preordered days ago.

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