Vanquish Wants Your Unconditional Surrender

Platinum Games' third-person shooter isn't just about missile-launching robots in space, there's also a plot that involves a bad guy with a vaguely Russian accent and requests for unconditional surrender.

See! Proof!!!


    so i had no idea about this game and to be honest the video that i had seen i was like meh! But after playing the demo I will definitely be buying this game. If you like twitch game play I really recommend grabbing the demo and giving it a try!

    Wow! The in-game looks awesome, and the fmv/cutscene stuff looks pretty sub-par. Which is fine, because the in-game looks AWESOME! :)

    Demo has made it a day one purchase for me. I'm telling all my friends to get off their asses (so to speak) and download the demo. Its crazy fun. Sparks flying everywhere. The boss fights are so 80's/90's style. Can't wait!

    You're saying this generic, desaturated brown shooter completely devoid of personality is from Platinum? What the hell happened? Bayonetta sold reasonably well didn't it?

      Seriously, go play the demo before you make your judgement. The game is fun as hell.

      Also, the visuals seem to have more of a P.N.03 vibe to me, which coincidentally was also one of Mikami's works. Having said that, I'm probably the only person who remembers P.N.03.

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