Want To Help Build A ‘Periodic Table Of Awesome’?

Want To Help Build A ‘Periodic Table Of Awesome’?

Some of the people behind the great Supanova pop culture expo are now working on producing a web series about the wonders of geek culture. And you can help them get it off the ground through a crowd funding effort they’ve got up online (complete with trinkets and prizes for those who help). Just watch out for the odd accidental hadouken.

Through IndieGoGo, the team behind The Periodic Table Of Awesome is pulling for $8,000 in crowd funding to make a kick-ass pilot, and they have just a few hundred to go to hit their target.

The hosts also already make a podcast (Cool) Shite on the Tube, if you’re wondering what you might be getting yourself into. And as you can see in the picture above, they’re prone to the odd accidental hadouken (OK, this pic was very much the reason they convinced us to flag their funding effort).

They’re a good bunch of Aussies, but as the funding system is a US thing you can throw in from US$5 up to as much as US$900. At various donation tiers you get more and more cool deals. The top tier funders actually received ORIGINAL cover art from Superman by John Cassaday (you’re too late to score one of those). Various other levels offer comics, comic art, and other cool stuff that you might expect to score from folks involved with Supanova.

Want To Help Build A ‘Periodic Table Of Awesome’?

Fun, geeky web video. Something we’re keen to see more of, especially made by Aussies. Find out more at the IndieGoGo page, or follow them on Twitter, or Facebook.


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