Watch Almost Every 3DS Game In Action

Press play on this clip and you'll see gameplay footage from just about every big title we know is coming to the 3DS, from Mario to Zelda to Metal Gear to Street Fighter to Resident Evil to...

...Dead or Alive to Kid Icarus to Animal Crossing to Mario Kart to Starfox, they're all in here, and more, many of them looking good, some - in the case of Resident Evil - looking amazing.


    Metal Gear is looking pretty good. And I love how they're playing cheeky, upbeat music during Biohazard, and the clip is of a guy blowing stuff up!

    Nice charger.

    The games look great. They should create a way to play the games on a tv.

    What was that dock at the end? A charger?

    It looks really really good. I'm impressed. The racing game looked a little bland, but other than that the rest of the titles looked brilliant.

    Wow, yes Resi looks amazing :D

    Just about every game looks absolutely brilliant. I'm especially looking forward to Kid Icarus.

    Though I don't really like the dock-style charger (if that's what it is). It doesn't look particularly portable. :P

      Portability notwithstanding (although I also carry my DS charger around with me when needed), how about the ability to play while charging?

      How many times has the DS flicked to 'red' during a big moment? Can't see myself holding that charger up while playing...

        I'd imagine that dock will be similar to the docks used by iPods/iPhones, in that they're more aesthetic than anything else. like a little display/charging stand, and the plug just pops out of the back and plugs right into the 3DS.

    Just, wow. They ALL look appealing and brilliant. This could end up being my favorite system of all time. I can't wait to try it.

    you think they would stop going through this video player since none of them seem to work

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