WCG: Australian Draw

WCG: Australian Draw

Not but a few moments ago, our Aussies over at the World Cyber Games in Los Angeles received their draws – and as you’d expect, with different levels of encouragement…

[imgclear] Team Immunity, who so often hold the torch for Australian Counter-Strike 1.6, appear to have drawn a decent group. The Americans could pose a problem, however arguably the tournament’s most dangerous teams, mYm, ATE, Brazil and SK are all on the other side of the bracket, giving Immunity a good chance to progress quite far.

Our FIFA 10 representative, however, hasn’t enjoyed the same luck. Dimitri Bescos has drawn last year’s Gold winner, German Joshua “Kr0ne” Begher. Anything can happen in FIFA however, so if Dimitri plays with a Spanish mentality, recent history might repeat itself.

The finals will be played out at the end of this month. Good luck lads!


    • I know that exact same feeling. Got picked out of a group of very eager fans to play against them. Even when they’ve been switched to play with their non-dominant hand they still smashed us hard. Pub bashers 🙁

  • And… The WeMade team is just going to destroy everyone. I’m surprised SK Telecom and KT Rolster aren’t fielding teams.

    • Samsung is the main sponsor, they make phones, they promote them via these games. WCG has a long standing tradition of letting bad games in for the right price 🙁

      • I agree completely with the ‘bad games’ comment.

        Though, if you can kill someone, outscore someone or just do something faster then someone, it’s competitive.

        You could have competitive Minecraft, people wouldn’t care/watch but you could still have a definitive winner and loser.

  • are the same dudes playing in these clans from like 10 years ago or are they all new?

    because i quit since 5-10 years ago lol

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