We Don't WANT To Know What Teen Spirit Smells Like

And rock n' roll was never about snide commentary or caring what other people think. Print campaign from guitar company Sparrow, as seen on Ads of the World, via GameSetWatch.


    I actually think that is quite witty.
    It's just saying that if you want to be a real guitarist, play a real guitar.

      Really. Wow. No wonder I've been getting turned down at band auditions - I've been bringing my cat. Next time the RSPCA comes round I'll tell them not to worry, I've found out I'm not a real guitarist.

      As for the ad, when I was young teen spirit smelled like willow as I air guitared on my cricket bat. I don't see the difference with the band video games except that the actions are actually synced with the music rather than just madly air strumming.

      Actually I think this ad completely misses the point on both counts. I feel that Kurt Cobain would probably be rolling in his grave right now. The point of the song, imho, is that "teens" will decide what teens like. And in this case if teens like guitar hero then guitar hero does in fact smell like teen spirit.

        I wouldn't be surprised if there were quite a few people playing guitar hero that like the idea of playing a guitar but have not been motivated enough to learn. In which case, that is what they like. I guess it all depends if those people exist or not. If they do, I think the ad works.

          Then again, I wouldn't want my song titles being used for company ad campaigns posthumously.

    These asshats are still going on about it not being 'PLAYIN' FO' REALZZZ'?

    I think any gamer that isn't an idiot understands that playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero is nothing like playing a guitar in real life.

      We are bitter because actually playing guitar makes you worse at playing guitar hero, and we assume vice-versa.

    Teen spirit smells like Cow Clicker. Plastic guitars are so 2005.

      "plastic guitars are so 2005" ?? lmao I think plastic Guitars are so 5 years old

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