Ever wanted to play an MMO where you are not a druid, or an elf, or a mage, but a TANK? Then World of Tanks is for you.

The game, by Wargaming, lets you drive pretty much every significant tank of the mid-20th century, as you join a team of tanks to go off and fight another team of tanks. Like Team Fortress 2, or Counter-Strike, only, with tanks.

Your armoured vehicle of choice is your "character", which you level up as you play, while the game also has some peripheral elements like strategy.

A second round of open beta testing is about to begin, which you can sign up for here.

Having not gotten around to it last time, I've already signed up for this round. Sure, I normally can't abide MMOs, but then most MMOs aren't called WORLD OF TANKS.

[World of Tanks]


    Most mmorpgs have a lack of tanks, I guess we now know where they've all gone.

    HOLY SHIT!!!

    This sounds awesome!! sign me up, daddy! :D

    Sounds interesting. Reminds me of the SEGA's arcade Tank game.
    Hopefully it'll come out in 360 as well.

    Been playing it for the past month or so, It's addictive... o.O

    This game has massive lag

    Pretty fun so far, apart from the lag spikes.

    Can anyone confirm; All the servers are pingloads away in the US or Europe?

    Otherwise would love to be balls deep in this armor plated awesomefest :(

      No, my friend has been playing for a month with no complaints about lag. Give it a go.

    Been playing it a few weeks now. SInce the server move to the US (yesterday) my ping has gone down by about 100. it's still in the 200-250 range, but there is no lag. Used to be worse on the european servers.

    Been playing it for about 5 months, not as gameplay sophisticated as say AH2 ( WW2 aviation) but really good and is about to release its "Clan Warefare: tournaments which should be awesome.. I agree with other reader very addictive. Due to the good design I play from Sydney on a Windows 7 using a shared Iphone 3G internet connection adn its just fine so no issues of lag

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