Well, The 3DS Is Looking Powerful

While we've got a few months left before we can really put the new Nintendo 3DS through its paces, Capcom has shown the Japanese press some early examples of how it's a surprisingly powerful little system.

Using the Resident Evil: Revelations demo from E3, Capcom points out that the 3DS is capable of - at least, it is running Capcom's MT framework engine tech - graphical tricks like depth of field, self-shadowing, normal mapping and HDR lighting. In these screenshots, you can see the demo running "raw", on the left, and on the right, using a visual effect.

For a system whose main appeal is 3D, I'm finding myself increasingly impressed by its more "traditional" horsepower than something which may well turn into a gimmick for the handheld.

西川善司の3Dゲームファンのための「ロスト プラネット 2」グラフィックス講座(後編)「MT FRAMEWORK」のDirectX 11対応とニンテンドー3DS対応、そして今後のロードマップをチェック![GameWatch, via Siliconera]


    I too, am finding myself more attracted to the seemingly amazing graphical capability of the 3DS instead of it's 3D gimmick. This, combined with all the screenshots and footage of the Super Street Fighter IV port give me high hopes for the machine.

    Lets just hope the framerate doesn't suffer

      its a real shame the 3D gimmick sucks half the power out and most devs probably won't bother to take advantage of the extra power in non 3D mode if the game has a 3D one

    anyone else not like hdr or motion blur

    so basically Nintendo is going to release a hand-held that is more technologically advanced in pretty much every way than its home console.

    This is a strange world we live in.
    id assume the wii would have to come down in price a large amount or else it would look bad next to the 3DS, then again it always looked horribly bad against the 360.

    I am very excited for the 3DS but i am quite worried that i just don't enjoy hand-held gaming much any more (for more than 20mins or so)

      After 5-and-a-half years, of course the handheld will have superceded the home console. The PSP did the same as the PS2 but on the run, with more media capabilities. The iPad is more relevant for most people than the iMacs of 2004.

      The Wii has seemingly died right off, with only 4 solid first-parties this year, and endless shovel sequels. But we are now experiencing the calm before the Nintendo storm that will unleash itself again over the next 2 years.

        The PSP is not more powerful than the PS2, although the PS2 has a slower CPU block speed it does have quadruple the video ram and a much faster clocked system ram.

      Considering the hardware that runs the Wii is just shy of 10 years old now it's hardly suprising. That Epic Citadel thing that run's on the iPhone looks better than your average Wii title as well.

      I handheld game more these days. I would love to play my 360 but propbably spend more time playing on the buse, the crapper and wherever else.

    I remember seeing someone say something in reference to 3D TVs along the lines of despite 3D being an experimental type technology, still trying to find its feet, or whatever, even if you have no interest in it it's still a good thing because its development also happens to push advancement in technology for 2D TV. Perhaps the same kind of thing is true for games hardware.

    Though I admit I'm completely useless at technical aspects of consoles, I really doubt they can build a whole game to look like that. This, and the MGS3 demo they showed only reminded of TGS2005 when Hideo Kojima showed off MGS4 rendered on the PS3 of what the game was supposed to look like.

    The final product, though still pretty, looked less than what they first showed - and even then it was more to do with Kojima's meticulousness eye than anything else.

    Until I see a full game with graphics like these, meh.

    is it me, or do all the "raw" pictures look better than the ones with effects added?

    I'm seriously considering buying a 3DS and I have not bother3ed with portable gaming since I had one of those things that was out just before the gameboy. Naturally to save face I will be "buying it for my children" but So far from what Ive seen I is impressed.

    I'll wait until I see some gameplay for judgement.

    All the pre-release PSP screens had doctored versions of PS2 games that ended up looking much better than the actual games. Hell, 'GT4: Mobile' looked better than GT that actually released 5 years later.

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