Weta Is Making Halo: Reach ATVs (And You Can Have One)

Weta Workship, the New Zealand studio that specialises in fantastical concept design and manufacturing, the team responsible for making a drivable Halo Warthog, is making more Halo vehicles. Exactly two Mongoose-style ATVs to be exact. And you can win one.

Microsoft has tapped Weta to make a pair of working Halo: Reach Mongoose ATVs that "look and sound" like their in-game inspiration. These Reach-style Mongooses are customised 420cc ATVs and can only be won via sweepstakes. That means you're going to potentially have to invest in some Mountain Dew and Doritos if you want a chance of winning.

But, hey, you like video games, so the logical conclusion is that you and your buddies are doing the Dew and snackin' on some cheesy snacks anyway, so win-win, right?

There are, of course, other prizes on offer, which you can covet at the Honor The Code web site. If you do win, can you give us a ride?


    Invest in some invest in some Mountain Dew and Doritos..... + USA citizenship !

    This is only open to Americans - Am i wrong ?

    Too bad ATVs aren't road-legal... hope the winners have farms!

    If only it were in Australia :,(

    If it were here, I would probably gain a heap of weight, or waste a heap of food and drinks...

      At least you would have one of those fatty-haulers with a bit of style.

    U.S. only? Screw that, I'll build a Scorpion, that'll show them!

    ...or a Falcon, or a Sabre, or...

      Tank beats Ghost.

      Tank beats Hunter.

      Tank beats EVERYTHING!

    Lies. US Only.

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