What Are You Playing This Weekend?

As the sun sets on my time at Kotaku, and I drive down the dusty road towards a horizon of infinite possibility, I figured I'd probably play some Far Cry 2 on the way.

How about you, what are you playing this weekend?

[Thanks once again to Ben Abraham for a second perfect screenshot.]


    Since I'm staying at my folks place for the weekend, I'm relaxing with a bit of Spore. The mods make the game a lot better.

    I'm playing the game "Work 9 till 5 then go home and get hammered on mead". Its a good game, kinda shit graphics though and after grinding for 8 hours you dont get much gold in the end...

    As a tribute (and the screenshots got me jonesing) I'll probably be making maps in Far Cry 2 and finishing RDR.

      Jonesing...reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

    Last night - i found a sign from god... after Mr. Goose's final posts i wandered into an EB games and there i saw it... Far Cry 2 Collectors Edition on Xbox 360... $26 complete....

    So i'll be playing that in homage to you, Mr. Wildgoose

    Awesome. It is Saturday and the goose lives on. Perhaps only in spirit.

    Here is an idea. We can all be like those halo 2 fans who kept playing after the cut off date. If we don't close our browser windows and keep posting comment, David will have to stay on at kotaku. Who's with me?

    * no one stands up*

    No gaming again this week. Exams are ever closer. Also baby sitting two kids ( does it count if one of they is you own?). Fathers day tomorrow. That should be nice.

    Haha, how many final posts are you going to make?

    On topic, I've been playing Bad Company 2 and Starcraft 2. And I've been winning for a change, which surprises me!

    Assignments... then Halo 3!

    "I figured I’d probably play some Far Cry 2" good to see you're leaving with a joke.

    Mass Effect 2 and a bit of Chrono Trigger.

    It's AFL finals, though, so gaming may be minimal.

    Get my arse kicked in Starcraft 2, and I may pop Far Cry 2 in for a bit of roadblock checkpoint clearing in honour of our departed editor.

    What are you doing here? GO HOME!!

    As I sit at my desk, munching on my breakfast cocktail (I just ran out of weet bix, so I had all the broken ones, mixed with all the left over bits of other cereal).. I am looking at the weather reports.

    I am racing my mountain bike tomorrow down at Mogo on the South Coast of NSW. The outlook isn't looking too good, a lot of rain today which will make for a mud bath tomorrow.

    I know what I would rather be doing... playing games!! Perfect weekend for it.

    Best of luck in the future David. This weekend I'm going to play Resistance: Fall of Man. I finally managed to track down a brand new copy of the original non-platinum version which I wanted for $30.

    Starcraft II.

    Currently getting my arse handed to me in single player... Got some practice to get in before I choose to go online and humiliate myself.

    Anyone got Torchlight, is it any good? I need something to keep me entertained until Diablo 3.

      As a massive Diablo fan, I'd recommend Torchlight. Its probably the closest a game has got to capturing the Diablo feel, though a co-op feature would have been nice. Nevertheless it (and sequel out soon?) will give the diablo 'fix' needed to survive the wait to D3.

      yes... it's like Diablo and it's cheap... worth the price of admission...

      I am a huge fan of the diablo series so I picked up torchlight when it first came out and sunk a good 40-50 hours into it in no time and there plenty of custom mods and classes out there to keep you coming back for ages... might fire it up right now :D

      Yeah I got Torchlight ages ago off Steam. I thought it was fun and quite addicting. When I can't decide what to play, I bust it out again and give it a spin (so to speak). It should keep you entertained for quite some time.

    I would just like to point out, if you kept driving towards the sun, and did it at a rather high speed, it would never set.

    Your last day would never end, you can stay forever!

    This weekend It's EQII between all the fathers day shenanigans, double xp is going to be hard to pry myself away from.

    See you Dave, thanks for the good times.

    The vanquish demo, and some mafia2.

    Mod Nation Racers and Dead Rising.

      How is modnation racers? I was thinking of getting it to teach my class about track design, is the track editor as good as it looks?

    Arkham Asylum and a few demos I've downloaded.

    Bad Company 2 and TF2.

    See you, David.

    for me it's scott pilgrim, puzzle quest 2 and worms reloaded battles with the wife! lovin the hot hd wormy goodness!!

    Bye David!, Thank's so much for all the articles!
    Playing: no vidya this weekend due to a performance on monday!

    Dragon Quest IX is pretty much consuming all my free time...with a bit of metroid prime in the side

    Metroid: Other M stands at the top of my to-play list, and I might just download the Dead Rising prequel dealie from Xbox Live.

    angry birds?

    Played and finshed Episode 1 of Sam and Max on PS3 - got the whole series free thanks to PS+
    I will start Episode 2, and also try to finish Brutal Legend this weekend

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