What Does Devil May Cry's Creator Think Of The Series' New Look?

Hideki Kamiya created Devil May Cry. So what does he have to say about Ninja Theory's new, controversial take on the game's protagonist Dante?

Let's just say, going by these Twitter response to fans since DmC's unveiling, he's not a fan. And why would he be? Despite being long gone from Capcom, the company that owns the rights to the Devil May Cry series, Kamiya still created the character and didn't have a moody, rebellious, dark-haired young man in mind when he did so.

Me, I'm not the biggest fan of the design, but I'm not necessarily down on it, either. Dante was an... acquired taste, and the series had gone as far as Kamiya's original vision would allow, so the reset button had to be set by somebody, sometime.

[Hideki Kamiya @ Twitter via ScrawlFX]


    Don't like the new look at-all-. I'd rather they start a new franchise with this rather than having people saying this to be a DMC reboot.

    "and the series had gone as far as Kamiya’s original vision would allow, so the reset button had to be set by somebody, sometime."

    No, no it did not. DMC4's devil arm brought a breath of fresh air into the gameplay. There's nothing to say they couldn't have brought more new things into a new game.
    Not to mention there's plenty of gaps in the story left to fill, like what happened between DMC4 and DMC2 that changed Dante like that.

    So far, reception of this character's reboot design has been pretty poor.

    As it pains me to say this, I'm really hoping for more "news" that the game include bad plot cliches such as:

    1) parallel universe
    2) clone
    3) impersonator with amnesia
    4) Reborn sibling with *ahem* amnesia
    5) future time traveling son

    But until then, I'll be looking forward to MvC3 for the original fun badass Dante.

    I actually like the new DmC reboot looking they are channeling, even though Dante's make-over is a little bit weird.

    i dont get why they couldnt just base it in the DMC world but not use dante at all, that would please more people than going OH LOOK DANTE IS A CRAZY EMO.

    Do you know the real problem with the new Dante? The actual problem?

    He's generic. Everything about him screams generic.

    There's not one thing on him which seperates him from every other human badguy you fight in a game like this really. Dante, the REAL Dante, stood out very well. This new one, bland and generic.

      Don't kid yourself mate, the original Dante was just as "generic". There's nothing that really seperated him from any other animu production line creation.

    Really hate all these reboots. Instead of pretending they're doing themselves any favors by running existing intellectual properties into the ground, game companies ought to realize that good properties will still float if they're original. They'd rather use existing IPs to get a bigger return on crappier games, though. Same problem with pretty much every long-term franchise.

    Of course, companies are gonna act like a lot of genres died out, but I tend to think it's just a glut of inactivity or over-saturation making it difficult to grab the whole audience.

    Take the Super Mario Bros series, for instance. Nintendo will tell you NSMBW was a big risk, but it's not like they actually made a SMB in the meantime since the first Super Mario World. The genre didn't stop selling. They just quit making it, or in the case of other series, they quit making them well.

    It's a terrible new design and I disagree with what Luke said...the original Dante still had a long life ahead of him.

    But the question is, have we really confirmed that this is a reboot? Or could Ninja Theory just be teasing us with an in-game plot twist?

    I hope its the latter.

    No white hair
    No Rebellion
    No Ebony & Ivory
    No Awesome Style

    Not happy, heres hoping they make some major changes, like actually feeding 'new' Dante...

      Are you serious? You are utterly wrong.

      He has a patch of white hair.
      He is clearly rebelling against whatever force is holding him in the cell.
      He is holding a white gun and a black gun just before jumping off the roof of the building.

      As for style, if you truly and honestly consider this trailer not stylish, you actually have no taste and no appreciation for what video game artists do.

      I know this new style comes as a bit of a shock, but I for one am for a character that breaks male character cliches.

      There is no doubt that this will be an awesome, slick game. Everyone needs to get over the new look and themselves.

        @Goobacca: You don't even know what Rebellion is? LOL. I personally also think you should get over yourself, seriously. There's nothing wrong with long running fans of the series wanting the series they know and love (and in cases like me grew up following) to keep growing and developing without having it suddenly stop and almost as if done randomly, choose to completely change.

        Anyway, I think original fans of the series would be more accepting if this character WASN'T Dante. If it was someone new like Nero was, I honestly would not be disappointed.

    The series isn't yet needing a reboot. Theres still plenty that can be done.

    How about a game starring Trish or Lady? a proper Vergil game that has his own cutscenes & endings, a remake of DMC2?, filler game from DMC2 to 3.

    Or a super prequel starring Sparda himself during his time with Dante's/Vergil's mother & his quest to seal off the demon world from the humans. Would be cool to see kid Dante/Vergil being trained in fighting by papa too.

    Since Capcom like cross-over games so much, Devil May Cry vs God of War.....

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