A Big W Search For Kinect Reveals...

Apparently the Big W website gets a little confused when it comes to "Kinect", and "insect". Ensuing search results contain hilarity.

Thanks Rob!


    Wow "hilarity" is a strong choice of word there.
    Maybe "amusing" would have been a better choice.

    In other news, my spellchecker didn't recognise the word 'wii' and changed it to 'wit'. Hilarity ensued.

    Can I write for Kotaku now? ;)

      You kind of just did! :P

    Looking at the site when doing the search the top line is

    "Your search for "insect" found 5 products Your search for "Kinect" returned no results"
    Notice the final section of this one liner...

    So like most search engins (google included) when a result comes back with 0 it will try and find the next best option. And as Big W does not pre release their products on the site untill they are avaialble in store its kinda normal...

    But hey... I guess its a slow news day... Kotaku should be posting CatchOfTheDay's coming soon offers for a $199 PS3 console.. But thats just my opinion... http://www.catchoftheday.com.au/smallfish_info.php?products_id=6901

      Looks like we're too late for that - sold out! But if you see something like that in the future, by all means tip us and we'll do a bargain hunter :)

        Now now Junglist... The page says starts Tuesday :P COTD does not have a Coming Soon sign :)

        Their blog post with the full listings


    Imagine the potential here if Kinect turns out to have bugs in it.

      Now that's funnier

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