What We Loved, What We Hated About The Playstation Move

Due out later this month, the Playstation Move promises to deliver the best of two worlds: The motion-sensing realism and casual fun of the Wii combined with raw muscle power and high-definition graphics of the Playstation 3.

We've had the peripheral add-on in our offices for a little less than a week now, plenty of time to play the myriad games, test out the limitations of the hardware and figure out just what the controller brings to the Playstation experience.

Over the course of the morning we'll be delivering to you reviews for quite a few games, impressions, hands-on with demos, videos, pictures, guides and tech tests of the Playstation Move.

Why don't you hang out and join us for a read? If you don't have the time, or would rather cut to the chase, I've summarised all of our thoughts below in concise sentences. But remember, the full, in depth coverage will be hitting the site throughout the morning complete with plenty of videos and images.

The Hardware Totilo and I agree: The Playstation Move is a keeper, offering up enough potential while absolutely nailing the basics of motion-control to make the relatively modest investment more than worthwhile.

The Game Reviews Sports Champions: This high-def version of Wii Sports offers up an eclectic mix of motion-controlled sports that we almost entirely loved. You're going to want to get this one.

Kung-Fu Rider: A neat, but exceptionally thin game that quickly grows tiresome.

Tumble: This stripped down version of Boom Blox offers plenty of mind-bending puzzles with very little artful direction or colorful distractions.

Start the Party: The premiere showcase for the Move's amazing capacity for augmented reality.

The Game Impressions and Demos Flight Control: The Playstation 3 Move version of the iPhone game offers all of the kitschy fun of the original with precise motion controls.

High Velocity Bowling: Bowling, pure and simple. Not much new here.

Racquet Sports: A Wii Tennis wannabe/expansion for the PS3.

Beat Sketchers: A musical art game, the sleeper hit in the making.

Echochrome ii: A terrific puzzle sequel all about light and shadow.

TV Super Stars: An interactive gameshow that will test your tolerance for the British.

The Shoot: Who wants a light-gun shooter? They're usually fun.

Heavy Rain Move Controls: A debatable change, an improvement for we're-not-sure-who.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Move Controls: A fun little motion add-on to an already fantastic game.

EyePet Move Controls: While the Move controller adds some neat functionality to the digital pet. It's still the same, rather wonky game.


    I think the meaty games like Socom 4 and Killzone 3 will make this a great buy. The tech looks much more exciting and useful than kinect and with some real "gamers" games, I am so far getting the feeling this will be the winner over kinect rather than the other way around.
    Time will tell though.

    I'll buy it when they make a Star Wars game that uses this as you'd expect.

    @Sam: If only LucasArts and Sony had came to some arrangement it *could* have been a launch title...

    I'd love to hear more in depth impressions on 'Tumble'. All of the videos of it I have seen look awesome. Boom Blox is easily one of the most underloved and underappreciated Wii games around, and Tumble looks every bit as great. The sensation of depth you get from the youtube videos has me all tingly!

    The article title is a little confusing, could have used the word "GAMES".

    I read the article in the latest issue of Game Informer about the Move and it sounds really promising. I intend on buying the starter pack (The Motion controller, Eye and a demo disc) as soon as it drops.

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