What Would Happen If Nintendo's President And Mario's Creator Had A Kid?

The Nintendo 3DS has a cute little party trick, where it can take pictures of two people's faces and combine them into a single image. A hybrid. Which would be cute were the first example not two Nintendo big-wigs.

President Satoru Iwata and Mario designer Shigeru Miyamoto are the proud parents in this case, the new handheld giving the world a glimpse of what would happen were the pair to sire a child, Junior-style, and it grew to middle age and became an executive at Nintendo.

He...kind of looks like someone called Rupert who loves a spot of tea and fox hunting, no?

3DS photo-combine feature - Iwata and Miyamoto combine faces [Go Nintendo]


    That's spooky stuff right there

    Rofl Thats Awsome But Scary a Kid like that could Take over the World

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