What's Coming To PlayStation Plus In October?

It's a real PlayStation morning here at Kotaku. Let's keep it going with a look at what PlayStation Plus subscribers can get their hands on next month.

PlayStation Plus, you may remember, is a subscription service for the PlayStation Network. Subscribers can take advantage of deals and discounts across downloadable games and a host of other PSN content. A yearly subscription to PlayStation Plus costs $69.95 or you can sign up for 90 days for $20.95. You can play the games for the duration of your subscription.

If you missed it, you can see all the September offers here. But now let's move ahead to October.

Firstly, if you sign up for Plus between September 1 and October 5, you will be able to download the full version of Ratch & Clank: Quest for Booty. Like the launch offer for LittleBigPlanet, you'll be able to keep Quest for Booty once your subscription expires.

The full list of October content is below. Is it just me or do you also think it looks a little... thinner this month?

Content available from October 6 - November 2:

* PSN: Street Fighter 2 HD Remix * minis: Aero Racer, Yeti Sports * PSone Classic: Syphon Filter * Full Game Trial: Gravity Crash (Plus exclusive 50% discount for Plus members on purchase), Hustle Kings (Plus exclusive 50% discount for Plus members on purchase) * Exclusive Discounts: Burn Zombie Burn (inc. free exclusive Home item for Plus members who buy) * Dynamic themes: Exclusive Move ‘Start the Party’ theme, Exclusive ‘Halloween’ theme * Premium avatars: Pain: Jarvis and Le Toot Avavtars, SingStar: Wannabe and Rising Star Avatars


    I am kind of happy I didn't get this service. Maybe a year down the track I might tap in, but it just isn't worth it yet. I have all of the games that have come out as free and discounted anyway so I wouldn't have gotten my money worth just yet.

    For someone who has picked up a PS3 recently, I think it would be a pretty good service to buy in to though.

    I'm still reserved due to the "You can play the games for the duration of your subscription" - just makes it a rather expensive and limited rental service, in my eyes.

    Really glad i didn't get this. Really there hasn't been anything that i would have downloaded here that i would have used.

    Can you earn trophies on these 'hired' games?

      Yes you can, there is no issue with that on the PSN game option.

      With the "Full Game Trials", you do earn the trophies but they don't unlock, if you then go on to buy the game outright they will all unlock for you and you continue as normal.

    And once again the PSN game they include (this month it's SF2 HD Remix) is one that's been out for so long that anybody who wants it would already have bought it by now.

    I've got it and based on what I've seen so far I am far from happy. Things better improve or there is no way in hell I will be re-subscribing.

    Yeah you can earn trophies. I bought into it because of little big planet and the other games offered in the first two months. October seems to disappoint me though

    for under $6 a month I am more than happy with the value I have received. I have to struggle to buy lunch and a drink for that.

      That's a fair point when you look at it that way... or under $1.40 a week...

    Is there some interdepartment communication issues within PSN, it would seem odd the game they use as a leadin to the service, is also heavily discounted this month.

    In my mind if I should ever choose to sign up to the Plus service the first month will need to justify the yearly fee alone. Without any visiblility of the future releases, I can't justify stumping up the cash on what might come.

    I have the service and it's only been good value because I got LBP for free which I believe is no longer part of the offer. I also get to play Wipeout HD which I was wanting to try for a while.

    But other than that, they better improve the "full game" quality or else, like others, I'll refuse to continue my subscription. I guess they have to release a good "full game" each couple of months or else there'll be no new subscribers. To many good "full games" and no one will be buying the PSN versions. I guess it's a bit of balancing on Sony's part.

    I shall rant about what I think PS+ should consist of.

    Cloud game saves, enabling the ability to transfer your PSN account on different PS3's, similar to Xbox's ability to transfer gamer profiles.
    Cross game voice chat (many people seem to want this)
    Keep the games forever, not when you're only a PS+ member.
    A free dynamic theme every month or so. That you can keep. Forever.

    There's probably more things I'd like to see, but I'm kinda out of it atm.

      Whether or not you read this, seeing as though you have to come back 6 pages... just on some of the things you touched on...

      "Ability to transfer your PSN account on different PS3"

      What do you mean exactly, because you can already... I can go to a friends house and setup my account on his PS3, I could then download a game I purchased to his machine and he could have it there to play, as long as my account remains on his system.

      This feature allows you to use your account on 5 'activated' PS3 consoles. This doesn't stop you from putting it on more PS3, just means that DLC content can only be used on 5 of them. You can 'deactivate' a console and then re-activate another though.

      "Free Dynamic Theme"
      The themes and avatars they are providing for the service (usually 2 of each per month) are yours to keep, these aren't bound by the subscription.

      "Cross game chat & Cloud Save"
      These are 2 of the most wanted features, but I disagree, these shouldn't be a PS+ feature, it should be a feature for everyone...

      I'm meh on that one, but I'm sure others would use it

        Ha, cheers. Ok, points to make clearer:

        Ability to transfer your PSN account on different PS3

        Ok, so what I meant by this is kinda linked in with game saves: you can go to a mates place and access your game saves there. I'd also like it to more Xbox style with the accounts: instead of sigining in under my name, I'd sign in with my PSN ID (i.e. this is when you boot up the PS3). When my friend came to my house and we started playing LBP, she couldn't get her sackgirl that she made and wanted to show me. Also, I had to go and create a new account for her so that she could sign in and play.

        Free Dynamic Theme:

        From what I've heard, I don't think they've given this out yet, even though they promised to do so.

        Cross Game Chat and Cloud Saving:
        Yes, ideally everyone should get it. But this would help to be a powerful factor to get people to subscribe to PS+

        Yeah, I'd like to use it.

        Cheers for replying anyway! Hopefully you end up reading this all the way back here!

          of course I'd come back!

          I see what you mean now about the game saves, it's abit all over the place at the moment, I mean you can transfer a game save to USB and do it that way. The problem there is that not all allow it, either because

          1) The developer locked it from be transfered from the console.
          2) Or the developer locked it to the PSN ID.

          Cloud storage would solve this though... if the devs don't lock the saves...

          On themes again.. I know I have downloaded all that I can since it's started up... on this link...


          "Each month there will be 2 dynamic themes, 2 premium avatars and premium game elements/add-ons for you to download and many of these will be exclusive to members only. These are yours to keep forever once you have downloaded them."

          On Skype one last time, it's surprising that it hasn't been made available seeing as though it's available on the PSP.

    Well, thats a bit of an improvement with the Full Sam & Max game arriving for free last night. Kudos for that.

    Wanting Spyro 2 on psOne classics, it was a classic wasn't it!?

    Hey I ve Got The Yellow Flash Of Death for My Ps3 And My Friend is Leting Me Use His Ps3 Cause He Hardly Plays It. Would I Still be Able To Down The Other Games From the other month Like Wipeout Hd For free still?

    well October looks pretty poor for us in Australia. I was pretty pleased when I signed up in September but this month....
    I have access to some beta of assassins creed - I would rather some other game.

    Anyone know how to download demo's and have them download at, say, midnight instead of straight away?

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