What's On 5 Inch Floppy This Week?

It wouldn't be a true Acting Editor if there wasn't a bit of shameless self-promotion. For those wondering where I've been the last little while, I've been reviewing games on a leedle web show called 5 inch Floppy. It's an innuendo-filled, uber-analytical 5 minutes a week in which I attempt to gain full understanding of a game's depth and impart it to you through flowery prose and reflective wank.

So here I am, putting the "Acting" in Acting Editor. This week, the Floppy penetrates your final third with a monster FIFA 11 review.

FIFA has been making massive strides in the last few years, hitting its peak with the last edition's 360 degree dribbling. EA Canada have made a habit of meaningful improvements, and the bar is set high - plus, Pro Evo 2011 has pulled its socks up. Will FIFA 11 disappoint?

5 inch Floppy is still in its young days and doesn't have its own page or RSS feed yet over at GameArena, but those are coming. iTunes support is also in the pipeline, and episodes will go up on the BigPond Games Youtube channel a little while afterwards. For Bigpond customers, watching on the GameArena site is unmetered.

Some highlights of the last 10 weeks include:

Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat - A look at some of the fighting games coming up, with interviews from E3.

Starcraft 2 - A review after months of...erm..."research", and help from local pros Legionnaire, Glade, and Team Liquid founder Nazgul.

My Ears - A homegrown surround sound software that can bestow intuitive surround sound on the cheapest of headphones. We chat to its inventor, psychophysicist Simon Carlile.

Mafia 2 reviewed - It's so, so trendy to compare it to GTA... So we do it. But just a little, because GTA isn't the only way to do an open-world game.

Monday Night Combat and Privates - The first, a standard issue deathmatch game for XBLA. The second, a kooky sex-ed game from the UK involving the invasion of a vagina to eradicate nasty diseases.

And of course, there'll be a page up soon on GameArena where you can find all of them. Hope you enjoy :)


    How dare you promote yourself on kotaku, sir. My word how low of you. I'm soo offended that it's making me thirsty. I better drink this new coke zero and because it's made specially, it has no sugars with the great taste remaining. That is a good coke zero.

    All jokes aside good for you i'll be checking it out as soon as I get home

      I know, I feel dirty :P Like a double agent haha

        You should *Gives you the evil eye stare*

        Watched it last night...Impressed...Consider myself a fan

    Sweet :)

    Waiting for the iTunes support, will make life easier. But it's good stuff Jung, keep it up!

    Good, in depth reviews.

    Such a shame that you didn't mention the custom chants, entrance music etc. from FIFA 11. A huge leap forward IMHO.

    Sweet review. Looking forward to more from you in the future, Jung.

    Jeez Junglist, you really need to a personal website and provide links to all your endeavors, it'll make it easier for us to stalk you.

    Awesome 5 Inch, easily your best yet! One thing though, you didn't mention anything about manager mode. It's the mode that will get the most attention from me, so I was wondering if there have been any significant improvements?

    Yo Junglist, what was that last song on your FIFA video?

    Congratulations sir, you've earned your own little spot on my bookmarks toolbar, some mightily prestigious real estate. Good stuff!

    JUNG ! i heard you were kicking arse on the GG forum of all places, I agree with the consensus you need to get your own place or get on ITunes. It’s hard to navigate and watch other eps here Hit me up if you need free hosting.
    Ps: the shows great I like how you haven’t changed more that what you have.

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