When Minecraft Players Are Also Trekkies, Insanity Goes To Warp Speed

A Minecraft player with great ambition and loads of spare time is building a 1:1 replica model of Star Trek: The Next Generation's massive flagship vessel, the Enterprise D—and he needs some help getting it done.

Patient Minecraft fan "halnicholas" has finished preliminary work on the Enterprise's frame. It's lacking in warp nacelles, deck details, paneling, sonic showers, cups of Earl grey... well, lots. But the grunt work has been done to get this "fucking enormous" Minecraft creation ready for space dock. Its creator has put the word out for volunteers, saying he "needs help building out the decks."

If you know your Minecraft material crafting and your Enterprise D blueprints, please, help this brave man seek out new life and new civilizations on his PC. Boldly go where no Minecraft player has gone before!

*cue Jerry Goldsmith music*

Building Megaobjects in Minecraft [YouTube via Reddit]


    I don't like startrek or minecraft and im bloody impressed.

    Thats ridiculous

    I've always wanted to recreate Evangelion's Tokyo-3, Geofront and Central Dogma, with immobile Evas and Angels scattered throughout. Oh, and working monorail/minecarts.

      Haha... I love that idea. Would love to have a virtual Tokyo-3 or even virtual Nerv headquarters.

    hehe wow! reminds me of the early stages of level development in duke nukem 3d! oh the memories!

    this doesn't help the stereotype that all minecraft players are autistic

      This guy is crazier than me. I built a big Optimus Prime rig but yeah, wow.

    I wish they had made it out of wood. I WANT TO SEE THE ENTERPRISE BURN!

    I need to get in there and take it out on the inside, I'll make a devious group of griefers to take out each deck.

    Blew my mind

    Apparently he used an extrnal program to import wireframe slices, possibly from a picture, into that Minecraft file. That is why there is no read structure, just outlines.

    It still looks awesome, and would of taken a bit of time.

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