Who Is Going To Buy This?

Japan's biggest girl group, AKB48, is getting its own PSP game and PSP hardware. There is even a bundle that comes with kisses! But really, who is going to buy this?

According to a Japanese retailer, the age breakdown for online pre-orders looks like this:

• Male - 12 percent in their teens, 18 percent in their 20s, 20 percent in their 30s, 15 percent in their 40s and 2 percent in their 50s.

• Female - 3 percent in their teens, 4 percent in their 20s, 5 percent in their 30s and 40s.

Men over the age of 50 aren't so interested in pre-ordering AKB48 PlayStation Portable games!

There are several bundles for the AKB48, including a US$441 bundle that includes a 48 "kiss mark" PSP batteries covers and 48 reversible game covers that depict each girl.

If AKB48's management really wanted to make a boatload of cashola on this game, it should have randomly interested battery covers and slip-cases. That would've started a diehard AKB48 buying frenzy. Panic in the streets, people, panic in the streets!

AKBゲーム予約好調 購入層は30~40代男性が35% [Ameba News]


    This whole release is a joke at the moment, the PSP bundle isn't actually available at any proper retail outlet/site. Amazon put it up for less than an hour before taking it down, HMV doesn't have it at all, Yodobashi Camera only have it up for information purposes, etc.

    The only place to "order" it is places like via auction or other dubious supply methods (eg yesasia and their "no refund" policy!), some going for US$600+. Fans have contacted several retailers and they've all replied with "we don't have any details about supply yet".

    It's an absurd situation, I wish Sony would actually announce wtf is going in.

    Uh oh, freak central...

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