Who Should Be Kotaku AU's New Editor?

Today is my last day at Kotaku. Our friend Junglist will be filling the editor's chair temporarily from Monday. But who will take over permanently?

Here's your chance to have a say. Who will you choose?

Who Should Be Kotaku AU's New Editor?Market Research


    I could do with a job... Failing that, Nathan Drake might be good


      I second that. Let the priginal voice of GG come to the fore again. I am sick of "Vag"

      Agreed. Just let Jung fill the spot permanently if he wants it. I've alway found his way of reporting to be entertaining and informative.

      Unfortunately Junglist's writing is just... not good...

      One would think you would need more experience to become an editor.

        There's only one way to get experience, so might as well give Jungy the job!

          I think by experience he meant working for digital media and becoming intimately familiar with the production of a site like Kotaku.

          Junglist wasn't included in the list because they knew he would win by a landslide.

    Clearly Mr. Rabbit is the first choice for all of your gaming news requirements!

    Duke Nukem, because he will never rock up to work and you will be forced to stay! muahaha

    I vote for other! Kayo Satou, the doodle tucking Street Fighter champion!!

    poor Miranda Devine, looks like she won't be adding Games Journo to her CV...

    Either Junglist will take over fulltime or i'll be someone from Hyper... :p

    I made the mistake of clicking on the link to this post expecting a serious poll thing. SILLY ME

    Although, you can't go past Miranda Devine. Her columns in the SMH are always, uh... hm. Indescribable. Yeah. (Is that even a word?)
    Here's one of my favourite pieces from her: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/society-and-culture/spoilt-brats-get-irate-at-apple-20100730-10zmq.html

      Oh my I'd never heard of Miranda Devine before and now I kinda wish I hadn't from reading that article.

      "He is routinely mocked for calling his devices ''magical'' or ''revolutionary'', even though they are."

      What is this I don't even!?
      *Mighty, mighty facepalm*

        You think that's bad? After the category 5 cyclone hit Innisfail in North Queensland, demolishing houses, leaving hundreds homeless, closing off roads and decimating crops (and most people's incomes) she wrote a column titled:

        "This is no New Orleans, so enough with the whingeing"

        That kind of "journalism" is designed to be as offensive as possible to anger readers into giving her attention and feeding her career. She is a real world troll.

    I'm sure Drake will somehow turn it into saving the world somehow....

    I think Michael Atkinson needs a job now. He seems to think he knows a lot about games.

    I totally think it would be Mario.

    Farewell David, thanks for the memories and honourable mentions.

    I voted for Matthew Newton... That would be awesome. He is funny as hell, but then he would just let fly with crazy rants and it would be enjoyable to watch.

    Let's just hope there are no females on staff.... I hear he is not a fan of 'em.

    PS, domestic violence is a serious issue and not to be used for comedy... but admit it, Newton would be crazy funny on here.

    btw, if there is a hung vote between Duke Nukem and Nathan Drake, do Bajo and Tony Abbott get the deciding vote?

      best part is he IS the pile of crap prize!

    Since pigs are supposed to be flying, Duke Nukem seems like a safe bet...

    With Miranda being on there, I'm disappointed we didn't get low angled screenshots of David's ass..

    I voted for Duke, only because he is the next most bad ass thing to Wildgoose and/or Ash Williams

      I went for duke too.. can just imagine it now.. Sensible comments only, or i'll rip off your head and shit down your neck!

        You've got to use the alitteration:

        Rip off your head and shit in your shoulders.

    yes duke FTW!

    Has to be Molyneux, simply because it means that everything will be amazing and packed full of features. . . until you read the articles.

    Go with Peter Molyneux, the moderation process would allow you to say whatever you want in the comments, no matter how ludicrous/against the rules/ whatever, so long as you promised to later correct it by insulting yourself, and saying how it will all change.

    John Romero's been added!!

    VOTE CHANGED! haha

      I don't want John Romero... he's gonna make me his bitch again.


    Ok whoever voted for Stephen Conroy (I AM LOOKING AT YOU STEPHEN CONROY!) you have clearly used an illegal program to access this page because this page is part of the black list for the internet filter. You are now reported to the AFP.

    So any chance of personal blog or something for the rest of your work David? or is Kotaku gimping you?

    Derek Smart.

    Tony Abbott, oh wait remember he's no tech-head or Bill Gates. So he might not be the best bet.

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