Who Wrote The Best Review In August?

Every month we publish your reader reviews. And every month we award a prize pack for the best review we publish. Let’s find out who won for August.

But first, what’s that prize? Thanks to the very kind chaps at Madman Entertainment, purveyor of all kinds of cool, indie and esoteric film, the best reader review we publish each month will win a prize pack containing ten of the latest Madman DVD and/or Blu-ray releases.

All you have to do is send your review to us at the usual address. Make sure it’s written in the standard format and in under 500 words. We’ll publish the best ones we get and the best of the month will win a Madman prize pack. Every review published between August 1 and August 31 was eligible for this month’s prize draw.

So, our August winner is...

Katie Williams!

Katie reviewed two doses of DLC this month, Heavy Rain's Taxidermist and Alan Wake's Signal. You can read hers and everyone else’s reviews via the links below.

Bejeweled Blitz by welbot Alien Swarm by Steven Blake Demon's Souls by Andrew Marty Disciples III: Renaissance by Felix Hong Alan Wake: The Signal by Katie Williams Max & the Magic Marker by Jenn Christodoulou Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker by Ben Latimore Heavy Rain: The Taxidermist by Katie Williams Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update by Steven Blake Red Steel 2 by Alastair Christie Limbo by Troy Cleary Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World by Ben Carey Deathspank by Jenn Christodoulou Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker by Randeep Dhaliwal Puzzle Quest 2 by Steven Bogos Monster Dash by Shaun McGarry Demon's Souls by Justin Robson StarCraft by Dana Koch Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies by Jenn Christodoulou Mafia II by Turgid Dahlia Bayonetta by Joshua Marlow


    Haha - Well Done Katie!

    Way to put all of us in our place ;)

    I had fun writing my review and hope to get some time to do one of two more for this month - Keep Katie on her toes ;) lol

    Congrats again Kate - very well done!

      A friend directed me here and... OMG! I was so not expecting this!

      Thank you, Kotaku! <3
      I would love to do more reviews, just waiting for some new games to come out that the rest of the world hasn't already reviewed yet :D

    awww was i overlooked? my review was published on august 2nd!!


        hehe coolies! was just hoping i was considered as a contender and not forgotten ;) didn't think my review was that forgettable!

          oh.. and of course.. congrats to katie!! twas a good read! :)

        Oooo ouch!! Forgotten about and didn't win! How do you like that salt in your wounds?

      You're a loose cannon 'bot!! dammit! haha

        hahaha lost cannon more like it. Think I've lost all grip I had on reality this week. Life has been thrown in to a spin with being sick and having to teach the work experience kid. Totally thrown me off my regular schedule!

    sigh...9 times now. well done katie.
    dave, will you accept import reviews if the writer doesn't fully speak the language of the game?

    I call sexism!

    lol nah, pretty rad reviews. Nice work!

    Can't wait for some more games to come out that I can review :P

    Congratulations, well deserved! Hopefully we'll still see more reviews from you.

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