Why All The Farmvile, Frontierville, Facebook Game Hate?

Maybe you detest Facebook games because you think they stink? But are you sure it's not something else? (Via Twitter)


    Possibly, but let's not also overlook the fact that they suck and use gameplay elements that are about 15 years old.

      If lots of people enjoy them, then they don't suck, they are just not to your taste.

      Also, I showed my mum Super Mario Bros. the other day, the original. Her comment: "Hmm, I'm not impressed". Yet, she is totally involved in Animal Crossing.

      Different games for different tastes.

        Casual :)

    Maybe social games are feared and hated because the guys who make them always sound like huge dicks?

      Hey.. we're not all that bad..

      Though I do not agree with the spam, I think that certain innovations (virality) should not be ignored by the gaming industry. Survival of the fittest. How many AAA gaming companies have died in the past 5 years because they were unable to change with the times?

      Anyway we're all suckers to nostalgia and hold onto our ourschool beliefs whether it's right or not. Don't hate the player hate the game..

    Well put! The trick is realising that the fear and hatred is from a vocal minority that should be largely ignored.

    Or it might have something to do with all the spam we get from social games on facebook.

    I have tried some of these games on FACEBOOK, and they bore me senseless (no, really they do). They don't even come close to be being mildly entertaining. If the games were more like MINECRAFT or something, then sure, I would be all for it. But as it stands they have no appeal what so ever, it's just mindless crap. The only reason why I can think they are popular is because of the social aspect (i.e. you have a scoring system and, inherent of that, people will try and better their friends etc). Even then it's pointless.

      dude, you can't attack Farmville for being pointless and use Minecraft as your example of gaming superiority.

        You missed the point completely - I wasn't saying that MINECRAFT is gaming superiority...in fact it is far from it. Where I was coming from is that all those little kind of games are fairly pointless with the INCLUSION of MINECRAFT. But at least MINECRAFT is a game (or a time waster, I should say) that I can sit down to and actually appreciate certain aspects of (it feels like exploring as opposed to walking around a nondescript grid with cutsie bulls**t graphics and growing pretend vegetables that I do nothing with but wait for them to grow).

        You can love FAMRVILLE for all it's worth, but don't misconstrue something I said. I never once said that MINECRAFT is gaming superiority. I was making it a basis for comparison in the kind of league that it was in.

    There are some facebook games I am in love with, Ghost trappers for one.

    So I can say without bias that Zynga games such as farmville are the devil. They go about business in a painful manner, stuffing their interface full of painful popup adds at every opportunity.

    Like in any medium, there are good games and bad games.

    Or just maybe social networking games are feared and hated because they're exceptionally cheap to produce yet ROI wise they're potentially fabulous money makers which could well lead major publishers who don't give a toss about anything other than their bottom line to stop production of what little innovative unusual NON CoD games they currently make and pour all their development resources into shitty cheap crap because the return on investment is far higher and will boost their stock in ways that "niche games" (as games that require more than one button will come to be known) just don't beceause they require more than pretty colours and happy noises to entertain vapid imbecieles for long enough to get their microtransaction for the cutest little shoes/restaurant cutlery/tractor.

    This could realistically lead to a future where the game industry is even more focussed on the minimum work for maximum gain and leave us with an endless slew of safe homogeonous sludge of expensive and vaguely interactive colour and noise where the innovation of setting a game somewhere OTHER than a farm is just too scary and edgy to back.

    A future where the miniscule differences between Modern Warfare 1 & Modern Warfare 2 would be retroactively celebrated as a series of amazing innovations rather decried than a ripoff.

    A future with no uniqueness or identity outside the committee design of the focus group

    In short, a future with NO GAMES!

    Just a thought...

      Heh, having re-read that, I suspect I should have chosen to major in Demagoguery rather than IP Networking

    No, it really has to do with there being 1000 versions of the same game, and being spammed by a "player" for gifts or helping them out on their virtual, time-wasting farm.

    There are some great Facebook games, but Zynga doesn't produce any of them except for their Poker interface.

    Zynga games require specific teamwork of clicking requests and post all sorts of spam on Facebook walls so that you hope the other people playing the games will click the links. If they don't you get nowhere fast. This is the major reason people buy the zynga cash items, so they can avoid the reliance on others and get what they want done now.

    The problem with many of them is that they never grow beyond a very superficial level. There are no community areas where your friends can help you build something that helps everyone. Frontierville is a great example of this missed opportunity. Groups of frontiersmen and women built....towns. They didn't each build their own inn and schoolhouse, etc. So none of the games ever really reach the level of "social" gaming in my opinion. They come closer to a collection of personal sandboxes.

    You realise this choad knocker is only after the attention that his stupid comments get....

    Someone link that interview with the Zynga guy, who says he used 'every horrible trick in the book to get profits.'

    These games are cheap, crappy rip-offs of real games, and the worst part is that people who play them consider themselves 'gamers'

    It's only a game. People like it, other people don't-- there's hardly a universal game that everyone loves. There are even people who hate Tetris and Mario, (scream 'Heavens forbid, there are?!')

    Do we really have to put reasons forth for disliking it? Besides, this applies only to the FB users who actually own an FB account.

    Eh, not a fan of Facebook altogether since the creator called all his subscribers fucking idiots for trusting him with their personal details

      Sorry but you don't think all the other tech companies out there like Google and MS do not mine your data and sell it while you are using their services?

    Maybe one of the reasons why they are hated is because of the amount of money the publishers receive through the microtransactions that are required to play the game in the first place. avoid these things, they only make the publisher money.

    There are some amazing devs for these games, ones who actually care about what they're putting out. I've been playing a game called 'League of Heroes' for a bit more than 2-3 years now, a social network game that doesnt require people to spam there friends or even pay money for crappy items nor needs either of them to get to the top and manages to link all the networks together.

    PC/Console Gamers hate Social Network games because Zynga gives them a reason to hate them, it also doesnt help that facebook, myspace and the media tries to shove them down our throats.

    Most gamers havent seen or played any other game not made by Zynga because all they know is Zynga or other copy cat games that are exactly like Zynga games. So how are they supposed react to Social Network games when thats all their exposed to.

    I was reading something that summed up why I dislike "Social Network" games. Would the game be that very succesful if not for the fact it is hosted on facebook? Probably not, most people I know who play them have never heard of popcap or the like.

    People "enjoy" them because they are convenient, if hosted off facebook I believe that the patronage of these games would suffer drastically.

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