Wii Remote Plus Is Official, Combines Peripheral With Controller

Finally delivering on something that really should have been there at launch, Nintendo today revealed a new controller that combines the original Wii Remote and its add-on, Wii MotionPlus, in the same casing.

This confirms reports from earlier in the week that such a device was incoming.

The new controller is called the Wii Remote Plus.



    Awesome. I'm sick of attaching and detaching the Motion Plus/Nunchuk for the different games I play. Will get one of these when it comes out.

    Welcome to the world or logical conclusions Nintendo.

    Hope this becomes bundled with consoles as a default controller. Would be great for when I re-buy my Wii in black! =D

    Seems like the standard nintendo business model: release something gimped initially, then rerelease a proper version(s) to make you buy it all over again.

    eg. original DS with its awful screen.

    Motion plus? I remember that vaguely.... there was one game I played, wii sports I believe and nothing since. Nice.

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