WIN! Dead Rising 2 Zombie Apocalypse Pack

Dead Rising 2 lurches onto Aussie stores at the end of September. We’re giving away everything you need to survive Capcom’s zombie apocalypse.

Thanks to Capcom we’re giving away the jacket worn by Dead Rising 2 hero Chuck Greene as he battles the undead of Las Vegas. Capcom aren’t selling this jacket anywhere in the world. But if they were, they value it at a sweet $1500.

The Grand Prize Winner will take home:
* One “money can’t buy” Chuck jacket (pictured below)
* A 9cm Zombie figurine
* A Zombrex syringe pen
* A Dead Rising 2 “Health and Safety” poster

Five runners-up will each take home the Zombie figurine, the syringe pen and the poster. While we also have a further ten posters for ten more minor winners.

So, how do you win your survival kit?

One of the coolest new features of Dead Rising 2 is the combo weapon system where you can create new weapons by combining items. Box of nails + baseball bat = a spiked club. Power drills + bucket = hat that grinds zombie brain to a pulp. Combo weapons are the most effective way of killing zombies.

We want to see your ideas for combo weapons. Not just weapons that are effective in killing zombies, but weapons that kill zombies in the most elaborate and complicated way possible. Think of a Rube Goldberg machine: a design that performs a very simple task in an overly complex fashion.

You can illustrate your idea (Photoshop, hand-drawn, collage, or even build it) and then email it to the usual address. All entries should be in jpeg format. You’ve got until midnight Sunday September 12 to get your entry in.

Good luck!

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