WIN! Dead Rising 2 Zombie Apocalypse Pack

WIN! Dead Rising 2 Zombie Apocalypse Pack

Dead Rising 2 lurches onto Aussie stores at the end of September. We’re giving away everything you need to survive Capcom’s zombie apocalypse.

Thanks to Capcom we’re giving away the jacket worn by Dead Rising 2 hero Chuck Greene as he battles the undead of Las Vegas. Capcom aren’t selling this jacket anywhere in the world. But if they were, they value it at a sweet $1500.

The Grand Prize Winner will take home:
* One “money can’t buy” Chuck jacket (pictured below)
* A 9cm Zombie figurine
* A Zombrex syringe pen
* A Dead Rising 2 “Health and Safety” poster

Five runners-up will each take home the Zombie figurine, the syringe pen and the poster. While we also have a further ten posters for ten more minor winners.

So, how do you win your survival kit?

One of the coolest new features of Dead Rising 2 is the combo weapon system where you can create new weapons by combining items. Box of nails + baseball bat = a spiked club. Power drills + bucket = hat that grinds zombie brain to a pulp. Combo weapons are the most effective way of killing zombies.

We want to see your ideas for combo weapons. Not just weapons that are effective in killing zombies, but weapons that kill zombies in the most elaborate and complicated way possible. Think of a Rube Goldberg machine: a design that performs a very simple task in an overly complex fashion.

You can illustrate your idea (Photoshop, hand-drawn, collage, or even build it) and then email it to the usual address. All entries should be in jpeg format. You’ve got until midnight Sunday September 12 to get your entry in.

Good luck!

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    I just wet myself!!!

    Holy Shiz-Bot!!! i seriously can’t explain how awesome this is…

    Oh crap.. how the hell am i going to win this – there are bound to be tonnes of awesome submissions.. must… think… need… to… win… PEN!!!… lol 😛

    In all seriousness that jacket is sooo bad ass… i’m going to drive my poor little lady nuts devising a contraption…

  • The timing on this is perfect. My boss is out of town for at least the rest of the week so I’m left alone in a factory with access to all sorts of neat industrial toys.

      • Thing is that building it would be a bigger step to winning the GP… which is unfortunate for anyone who may not be able to find the time..

        But yeah, if you build it – they will come…

    • Lotto
      Instant scratchies

      There’s no such thing as a free lunch…

      Funny how you use the word competition, yet you don’t want to compete?

      If i’m getting free gaming stuff… i’ll do anything… and I mean anything 😉

        • what the hell!!!! me too!!!!!! although mine had something to do with alcohol as well but i’m a bit sketchy on the details…

          all i know is it had something to do with an entire carton of V.B cans, a stopwatch and a pair of tongs…

    • But this way, it takes some skill, the people who put more effort in are more likely to win. I think that’s better.

      • It’s not necessarily based on effort. Whether you win or not is based on the judge’s preference for your entry.

        However, it’s easier to win by skill than by luck.

        But when I say easy, I mean ‘remotely’ easier.

    • This comment deserves a prize.

      David, what does the Kotaku team do with the packing material you guys get? Sounds like Arcade Goon could use some extra padding on his walls.

  • David is just trying to get ideas so he can build an arsenal of weapons for when the inevitable zombie apocalypse arrives

  • You know, I think more than anything, this may just inspire me to start building some stuff. Been thinking about it heavily for the past two weeks, but I’ve always been stumped for a starting point and how much detail I should do. Even if I don’t end up entering this comp (most likely as I’ll struggle to get it done in two weeks) I’d like to thank you guys for some inspiring ideas! 😀

  • Are the combo weapons we can come up with for this comp limited to just joining 2 items togethers or can we use as many things as we want?

  • I know the details say it should be in jpeg format… but it doesn’t say MUST be.. does that mean we could submit.. say.. a flash animation? :0

  • does the orize include the game, and can you video the device in action(obviously not on a real zombie, i’m not that mean[zombies are people too]) then send it that way or post the vid on youtube?

  • This sounds like a great post. Mind putting up all the best submissions that don’t win the prize? I’d love to see other’s wacky designs. I’d put in a entry, but cant draw for the life of me, nor use Photoshop. My idea would be combining Spidey’s web powers with a flamethrower and a petrol truck.

  • Well, I think mine is completely awesome, if I do say so myself. *is arrogant*

    I can’t wait to see all the amazing entries that win, though!

    And a great idea for a contest, Dave!

  • Are we limited to one entry per person or can we make multiple entries (creations)? if so do we send all entries in one email or multiple emails with one entry in each?

  • Could the competition perhaps be changed so that we could show movies or something, because a rube goldberg machine styled entry wouldn’t be as interested if you couldn’t see how it works, and you obviously can’t see it in a still picture

  • I have a few ideas at the moment but they arn’t complicated contraptions, just silly. I can’t do modelling or draw on computers for crud but I could take a picture. I can’t wait to see what people come up with, its going to be crazy!

  • Ha! I thought this ended midnight last night. I’m lucky my consistent lateness was helped by my inability to read properly. Still, I could have added more polish to the spit of my entry and I could have had a decent sleep last night.

    For anyone that is stuck for ideas I recommend perusing hardware catalogues for instruments of death.

  • Sent my entry in today – I tried to build it, but unfortunately lack a lot of the materials that were in my design. I decided to go with my blueprint instead.

    I’m assuming you’re judging the entries now, Junglist?

  • Hey editors!
    I am Cole, I entered and supposedly won a runners up prize, yet its been…6 or 7 months, and I haven’t heard a word since, I have contacted you via email with no reply.
    Am I ever going to see my prize pack?

    • Did you email me? Could you shoot me an email and I’ll send it out. The deets of the winners got lost in the crossover between editors.

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