WIN! Medal Of Honor Preview Event, Session #2!

WIN! Medal Of Honor Preview Event, Session #2!

Our special hands-on session with Medal Of Honor is this Thursday. Want a piece of the action? Today the 4.00pm slot is up for grabs. First four to spot our special message on the Kotaku Facebook page sometime soon win the seats. Are you paying attention?

The rules: We aren’t saying when exactly. You’ll have to keep an eye out. But when we do post our special message, the first four people to comment on the message will win a spot in a preview session.

Last time we had one of our top for drop out because he wasn’t in Sydney (the event is in Surry Hills, and you have to get yourself there!) so if you’re not the top 4 it’s worth sticking a quick message in anyway… next on the list gets the next spot if one becomes available!

The sessions are taking place Thursday afternoon (September 30) in Sydney’s Surry Hills. Session #1 is 2.30pm, Session #2 is 4pm and Session #3 is 6pm. You’ll need to get yourself there, and we’ll send full details through Facebook if you win.

Final four spots will be up for grabs tomorrow…


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