WIN! Tickets To Dead Rising 2’s Launch Event

WIN! Tickets To Dead Rising 2’s Launch Event

THQ has given us 15 lovely pairs of tickets to their launch of Dead Rising 2, and we feel like giving them away. Here’s what you have to do: post below in the comments section the most important rule to follow during a zombie apocalypse. Ever seen Zombieland? Just like that!

Entries will be judged on accuracy, creativity, and humour.

The Dead Rising 2 launch party will kick off at 6.30pm SHARP on Wednesday 22nd September somewhere in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. It’s also an event with alcohol, so that means only Australians over the age of 18 can enter.

To get you in the mood for some good old-fashioned zombie-slaughtering, we’re kicking the evening off with a 3D screening of Resident Evil: Afterlife, which is showing only at the movies starting October 14th! And…er…at this event. We’ll then move seamlessly into an extended hands-on session with Dead Rising 2 accompanied, in true THQ style, with flagons of the finest foaming ale.

WIN! Tickets To Dead Rising 2’s Launch EventIf you’re looking for an excuse to break out the fake blood, there will be killer spot prizes on the night for the best dressed zombies. Only those who dress up as a zombie will receive prizes.

[imgclear] WIN! Tickets To Dead Rising 2’s Launch EventHere’s a synopsis of the movie, for your pleasure:

In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, ALICE (Milla Jovovich), continues on her journey to find survivors and lead them to safety. Her deadly battle with the Umbrella Corporation reaches new heights, but Alice gets some unexpected help from an old friend. A new lead that promises a safe haven from the Undead takes them to Los Angeles, but when they arrive the city is overrun by thousands of Undead – and Alice and her comrades are about to step into a deadly trap. © 2010 Screen Gems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Terms & Conditions found here.

Now then. Zombies are rampant and I need to know what rules to follow. Help a brother out?


  • Only over 18? Le nawwwwwwwwww…

    Ah well, sounds like a lot of fun, and I hope you and the winners have a great time!

  • Always have a strong melee weapon, not a baseball bat, not a shovel. A crowbar would be good. Its light enough to continue swinging, and strong enough to last.

  • Geeks all over the world have been fantasizing over zombie attacks for years; A plethora of advice is available in the form of films, wikis, video games, literature and blogs. Know your shit.

  • Get out of the city. Rural towns mean less zombies and more easily-obtained food and resources. If the countryside nearby is rugged, all the better; as we all know, zombies can’t climb.

  • “Stay perfectly still, Zombies vision is based on movement!!”
    Wait, was that for prostitutes or zombies?..
    Nah, yeah, definately zombies.

  • If you are Johnny “Everyman”, surround yourself with a smart talking partner and a sexy lady. If movies have taught me anything, these are the people that get eaten by zombies first, giving you vital seconds to escape. Note: If you the smart talking partner or the lady, make sure to are gritty and tough, but also look surprisingly good while wet and dirty. This should ensure your survival… as long as you stay away from Johnny “Everyman”…. else you better start practicing your slurred “brainsssss” zombie acceptance speech.

    • errr… dumb brain… maybe I need more…. brainsssssss

      If you are Johnny “Everyman”, surround yourself with a smart talking partner, and a sexy lady. If movies have taught me anything, these are the people that get eaten by zombies first, giving you vital seconds to escape. Note: If you are the smart talking partner or the lady, make sure to be gritty and tough, but also look surprisingly good while wet and dirty. This should ensure your survival… as long as you stay away from Johnny “Everyman”…. Or else you better start practicing your slurred “brainsssss” zombie acceptance speech.

  • Rule #1: Fire doesn’t work against zombies like it does in Left 4 Dead. You thought regular zombies were bad? How about having some flaming zombies hot on your trail?

  • Rule 43 aka Tron Bonne’s law. Always carry servbot helmets. They’re the latest and greatest in zombie defense and they make the rotting heads of the zombie hordes much easier in the eyes (until they chow down on your cranium as an appetizer that is)

  • “Blend in, be like one of them, dress and act like Michael Jackson (except for the sleeping with children part). You’ll fit right in!”

  • Best comp ever…

    If i dont win this, I will be happy to be someones +1 if you need it… lol.

    I will have a crack at this later tonight… Can’t wait!

  • Duct Tape sticks to anything !

    Having a role or 2 of duct tape strapped around your arms and torso before entering a dangerous location will help you be more aware of your surroundings.
    Caught in a tight place with no way of protecting yourself from brain hungry Zombies ??
    Then you need some Insta-stick Duct tape!! Yes just like Jackie Chan whose able to use anything arround him as a weapon, you’ll be able to get a firm grip of a make-shift weapon that’s just out of your grasp with duct tape wrapped around ur arms.

    …Just don’t get stuck to a zombie though….

  • Well it all depends on the weakness but a general rule is blunt weapons, shotguns and salt. Oh and as your companions are probably going to become undead finish them off early 😛

  • If someone gets bitten DO NOT LET THEM COME WITH YOU. You’ll just get intoa situation where they’ll turn into one when you’re not looking, you’ll turn around and they’ll jump you.

  • Quickly boot up the computer and play some Left 4 Dead. Get a good hang of it and then you are all ready for the zombie apocalypse!

    Take care and stay safe.

  • The MOST important rule to follow during the Zombieocalypse: DOUBLETAP!! The second: get movin’ and groovin’ coz there won’t be many humans left so you might as well!!

  • My rule for surviving a zombie apocalypse is as follows:

    Rule #58 – Never be the smartest guy in the room.

    Let me explain. Zombies are dumb. Zombies like brains. Using dumb zombie logic, smart people have more brains than dumb people, therefore smart people would seem to be a more appealing meal. Think about it, would you rather eat a thick juicy steak or a half serving of tofu?

    The beauty of this rule however is that actual intelligence does not matter, the perception of intelligence is sufficient.

    As soon as you get some spare time, gather as many white lab coats,
    pants with suspenders even some short sleeve business shirts with clip on ties. When you meet other survivors, offer them some of your clothing swag as a welcoming gesture to keep them warm and comfortable. Tell them that you have found a couple of pens that would be worth keeping for later, and that they just hold on to them by placing them in their shirt’s top pocket.

    As soon as you are being chased by the zombie mob though, it’s time to shine. Take off your jacket to reveal a ‘Kevin 07’ T-Shirt, then suggest to the mob that your ‘friend’ can recite pi to over 50 decimal places. After this, you should simply be able to calmly walk away. If all of your Kevin 07 shirts are too bloody to keep wearing, then a ‘Conroy 13’ shirt will actually work pretty well.

    … and it should go without saying now, if you havent surrounded your house with sunflowers, pea-shooters and frozen watermelons, you might as well just sit back and wait for Zombie Disco Stu (Formally M.J.) and his mates to finish you off.

  • Avoid darkness at all costs… but then again, you need light to see through the darkness. Therefore attracting attention for all meat-hungry zombies towards yourself.

    Well, you’re screwed aren’t you.

  • Rule #47: Anything can be used as a weapon when Zombies are about.

    Scenario #1: You’re in a garden a horde of zombies attack, you pick up a Garden Gnome and use it as a weapon to smash some Zombie Scull.

    Scenario #2: You’re shopping at bunnings and BAM Zombie attack…. What do you do? you grab some powertools and go to town on those zombies, Nailguns chainsaws what ever it all equal Zombie death!

  • Don’t risk your neck for ANYBODY. If she wasn’t going to date you earlier, she certainly isn’t going to now that everyone she knows is dead or, well, undead.

  • Lock the screen door! Everyone knows zombies can’t manipulate door handles… or is the Velociraptors?

    Whatever the case, screen doors will protect you from other such uninvited intrusions such as armed bandit home invasions, mormons and in the event of a catastrophic global viral outbreak it should also protect you from zombies and quite possibly zombie velociraptors.

  • The most important rule is to “STICK TOGETHER TEAM!”; with at least 2 armed persons to a group to watch each others back.

    Rambo’s tend to be the first one outted.

  • Don’t let life pass yout by:
    If you find a hottie during the zombie apocolypse, don’t try and be a gentlemen, just do her… trust me she wants it!

  • Rule #1: Find out which canon you’re in. If you in the Romero canon you should be ok. If you’re in the 28 days later canon you’re in alot more trouble…

  • Bicycles. They’re nearly silent, light and fast mode of transportation. They’ll never run out of fuel or stall at inoppurtune times. Parts are readily available and repairs are simple. The protection they offer is distance and speed.

  • If you find yourself in a zombie apocalypse, your first port of call should be to find a buddy. Remember the buddy system from school? You’d better believe your ass that it still works.

    You should keep an eye out for the following people, as they’ve all had past experience with zombies:
    A. Anyone with a copy of the zombie survival guide. They know their shit. Just be careful you don’t kill them yourself, what with all the “I TOLD YOU IT WOULD HAPPEN, I TOLD SO”.
    B. The photojournalist Frank West. Lets face it, the man is a tank. He’ll likely be carrying 10-12 articles, including food, weapons and books while sporting a brown suit and loafers, children’s clothes and a horse mask, a dress and a servbot helmet, or something similarly ridiculous. Frank West cares not for your primitive notions of modesty.
    One thing you should be wary of though is his tendency to die if he doesn’t eat something in 20 minutes. That’s the price of being Frank motherfucking West though.
    C. The S.T.A.R.S. team. These guys are smart, are good in a fight, and rarely get themselves into trouble. The Bravo team is just as good, assuming you avoid everyone and stick near the medic. Just take it easy on the “herb”.
    D. Louis, Bill, Coach, Nick, Ellis and Francis (sorry ladies, but you’re always the first to get feasted upon. Those hunters love Zoe and Rochelle). These guys are amazing, and will neutralise any threat, but their skill comes at a price. Bill and Francis will fight if you give him weapons, Francis needs PEELS to function, Coach loves the chocolate. Ellis is different, he’s in it to “kill all sons o’ bitches”.

    If you can’t find anyone, then just use your brains. That is, while it’s still in your head.

  • Rule Number 151#: “Know Your Enemy”

    Raid your nearest video store and quickly loot the horror section. Take everything that looks like it has a zombie on the cover, but pay particular attention for anything made by George A. Romero.

    If you have time also hit up the games section and score yourself a copy of Dead Rising.

    You are now the proud owner of the worlds most extensive Zombie research library, determine what type of zombie your enemy is and start preparing to save yourself.

  • What’s worse than a zombie approaching you?
    A zombie on fire approaching you.
    Don’t resort to using fire, it’s hard to control and creates unnecessary attention.

  • Ah yes, how to survive a zombie apocalypse. This discussion has been a drunken party staple for years along with “What’s the meaning of life” and “Things you’d do for a million dollars”.
    Rule one: Go rural. Get out of overpopulated areas, you must leave the city, the less people the less zombies. Try and go country, somewhere you know and preferably higher ground, always gives you the advantage.
    Rule two: Try and have transport. If the situation becomes untenable you must leave and be able to leave as quickly and safely as possible. Rule three: Supplies. You need weapons, food etc. This may be hard to set up as movies and games have taught us zombie plauges usually happen pretty damn quickly. However the moment you get an inkling someone is a zombie or things aint quite right, try and gather up some food and something to defend yourself with and refer to rule one and hightail it outta there. I myself have missed work before due to such inklings. I once became suspicious of the way my neighbour shuffled his feet when he walked and had to call my boss from the Barringotn Tops and explain I wouldn’t be in for work as I had “Zombie suspicions”. Turns out that neighbour was recovering from a severe leg injury but when it comes to zombies it’s better to be safe than sorry.
    Rule four: If you have a jerky aquaintance bring them with you. This is what’s known in the biz as “Asshole Insurance”. Once again zombie stories have shown that the biggest jerks are always the first to get picked off. Uusally when they are in the middle of doing or saying something particularly jerky.
    Rule five: Pray that the zombies are slow moving imbeciles a la the original Resident Evil games and aren’t super fast sprinting champions like 28 Days Later or problem solving geniuses like Land of the Dead.

  • The most important rule of the Zombocalypse is to never leave your IZAK (Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse Kit) at home. Because if you do, you know you’ll end up becoming a zombie in the first 48, and then some damn hero type will find it and live many years in the zombie infested world while you spend the rest of the end of days chewing on a severed arm (possibly your own) like a schmuck.

  • The most important and crucial rule, that has to come before all others, is recognising the zombie apocalypse for what it is. Don’t be a cock and approach a swaying, growling stranger to ask why you can see people eating other people, especially if you like having a face, because chances are that stranger will turn around at the last minute and try to eat it off. And all because you couldn’t put your ego and sanity aside and say, yes, zombies are here and I need a big ass weapon stat.

    After recognition and acceptance, Plans Of Action and other Yay Survival stuff can come into consideration. Conversely, recognition can lead to What’s The Point I’m Going To Just Kill Myself.

    Either way, rule number one, above all others, is recognise and accept. Then, obviously, run like a bitch.

  • Despite what movies and media often show, a graveyard is in fact a much safer place during a zombie apocalypse than believed. Think about it, the corpses, if not decomposed beyond any possible re-animation, would have to not only break out of a solid wooden box, but also six feet of packed in dirt.

    So remember, while their are no truly safe places during a zombie apocalypse, a graveyard isn’t a bad choice.

  • If you are in doubt that someone is a zombie, shoot at them just to be sure.
    If they’re able to shoot back – start doubting even harder.

  • Take to the seas! (or other deep body of water… preferably with fishing gear and appropriate supplies)

    And just HOPE that you’re not in a reality where zombies know how to swim…

  • Rule #1……

    Look after #1:
    Friends, loved ones, companions, acquaintances, everyone else. These people will only weigh you down so get rid of them ASAP. If someone ask you to team up say “No”, then swiftly kick them and run. People are dumb (except for you, you’re awesome), so you dont need them screwing up your plans and getting you zombified.

  • RULE #1 – Find a super hot female sidekick with a passion for akimbo shotguns *chick* *chick*, THEN head West. then North. then to an island off the coast of East. repopulate the earth.

  • Start a Cult.

    If you suspect a upcoming zombie apocalypse then start your own religious cult of wackjobs with all the trimmings.
    That way, by the time the shit really hits the fan you will hopefully have a fortified compound full of brainwashed followers armed to the teeth and willing to die for you.
    Fill your compound with all that a good zombie fighter needs: heavy vehicles, petrol, generators, long lasting food, weapons and if you plan far enough ahead build it over a bore or well for endless water.
    You will eventually die but you will be able to live longer than most and do so in style.

  • Zombies are people too, guys. If we just stopped and listened to what they have to say, I’m sure we’d ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY FACEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT’S EATING MY FAAAAAAAACCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • When obsessing about every dead head in the world, don’t forget about the equally dangerous survivors. Breaking into someone’s house won’t always result in Bill Murray inspired lunacy. Nobody wants to be the perpetual house guest of a shell shocked Darryl Somers.

  • Rule #1: Remember that the army believes in acceptable losses. To them, YOU are an acceptable loss. Don’t trust them to save you, you’re more likely to be classified as bait.

  • Always wear a nappy.

    Yeah you laugh now at how absurd that notion sounds, but think about it.
    Travelling around the dosolute land, trying to survive, emotions and senses hightened. Adrenaline pumping, not knowing when you may have to encounter a wave of zombies.

    No doubt you’ll SH!T yourself. And not knowing when you’ll be able to find a quiet time to releive yourself, you’re def ganna need a nappy with the right support and comfiness.

    “Yes you’re a big kind now…But are you Man enough to survive the Zombie Apocalypse” ??

  • Hey Jung, when can we expect the winners announced. I am keen to go and it would be good to have the weekend to thinnk about zombie outfits…. Cheers,

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