Winning Big, Losing Big In Call Of Duty: Black Op's Wager Modes

Call of Duty: Black Ops' new Wager Matches are free-form game modes designed to be "adrenaline junkie fun," Treyarch Design Director David Vonderhaar told a gathering of press tonight.

These matches are separate from your standard ranked matches in your online competitive playing. In Wager Match you take the currency you've earned and you can gamble it against other players. You're gambling that you are going to come in the top three on the final scoreboard, we're told.

Here's a run down of the four Wager Match modes:

One in the Chamber: In the match everyone spawns in with a pistol, one bullet and three lives. If you kill someone you get to take their bullet. If you fire and miss you're left with melee.

Sticks and Stones: You spawn with a crossbow, ballistic knife and a tomahawk. If you hit a player with the tomahawk you instantly bankrupt that player.

Gun Game: You get a series of progressive weapons in this match. With every kill you get a better weapon. The first person to progress through all of the weapons wins. But if you get knifed you get sent back one tier.

Sharp Shooter: In this one all players start with the same randomly selected weapon. You get to use that gun for a fixed amount of time and then everyone gets switched out to the next weapon. With each kill you earn a perk and eventually a scoring multiplier.

This sounds pretty damn amazing even if no actual money changes hands... or at least is intended to.


    i have to say this was a great idea

    Not impressed.

    Different modes
    Same game.

      haters gona hate


    I'm not a hater by an means.

    Just fed up of being sold the same game over and over again.
    This year I'm going to pass.

    !!!STOP THE PRESS!!!

    COD points available on XBL

    1000 COD points for 1000 MSP.

    Wouldnt suprise me one bit....

    Gun Game sounds a lot like the old CS :P

    Even so, these games will be tonnes of fun!

      seems like it but in reverse cause in cs you start with a sniper and end with pistols

        I've played servers with it going backwards, but it's a lot less fun for players who either aren't as good as others or they just don't get a chance early on.
        So I hope they change it and it goes good weapon to bad weapon

    That is pretty cool... I do like the sounds of the 'One in the chamber' mode the best. Get a small crew, drink some beers and have some lolz.

    Rob, I don't think they will EVER introduce purchasing XP for a game like this. All credibility with ranking will fly out of the window if they do.

    I love the games, it is what I spend most of my time playing. Having said that, I refused to buy the map packs. They were just too expensive.

    Shit yeah Gun Game. I played a lot of that on CS:S.

    Gun game should be reversed as the good players will have a huge advantage towards the end. I do like the one in the chamber mode, and the gambling part sounds cool. Looking forward to it

      Yeah, I think they will have to be really careful with pacing and progression. The great thing is that they can just update when the whingers whinge. :P

    New game modes look great.
    My only concern is whether the devs will be addressing the cheating. This credit system is great in theory, but if you have a bunch of kiddies running around with wall hacks and aim bots, using them to cheat legitimate players out of credits, then I will be mighty pi$$ed.
    Valve/VAC/Infinity Ward have been absolutely pathetic with the ongoing cheating in MW2. Hacking is rife, and to the point that you're lucky to get into a clean game.

      @Ben Dy. Treyarch stated in an interview that they have found out how hackers using j-tags do it and they have spent expensive time making sure it won't happen again. But as always hackers will find a way so Treyarch have also implemented a live patching system so they can patch hacks straight away without all the waiting. As for what will happen to the people that hack before patches come out I don't know. Hope that helps!

    One in the Chamber Search and Destroy.

    That is all.

    this is what CoD should be, competitive MP with a reason and back to basics, none of the perk or killstreak crap :D

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